What Type of Sex Toy is Right For Me?

Here at Ododi you’ll find a massive range of sex toys for sale online at great prices. While we try to make shopping as easy and straighforward as possible so that our customers have a great shopping experience, it can still be a daunting task as to what toy you should buy. Many of our customers ask themselves the following questions:

Which sex toy is the best?
Which sex toy should I buy?
What’s the difference between various materials, brands, and features?

These are difficult questions to answer indeed, since preference for sex toys vary quite a bit depending on a myriad of factors. While we can’t directly point you to the “right” toy, we’ll attempt to guide you through the categories and types of toys.

The Beginners Guide to Sex Toys


Vibrators are probably the most popular and predominant sex toy. It is also the most varied type of sex toy as there are numerous types of vibrators, all varying in sizes, shapes, features, and colors. There are vibrators for beginners, intermediate, and even the most extreme and experienced users. Beginners usually start with something small and inexpensive such as vibrating bullets and pocket rockets. Some of the advanced sex toy vibrators include G-Spot vibes, Clit Stimulating Vibrators, and Realistic Toy Vibrators.

Beginners Guide to Vibrators

Rabbits, Rabbits, I see Rabbits…

There is one type of vibrator that deserves a thorough description due to its popularity. It is the rabbit vibrator or sometimes referred to the rampant rabbit vibrator. Rabbit style vibrators have a shaft that gets inserted into a woman’s pussy and that shaft usually has some sort of rotation. Often the shaft contains a crank on the inside that spins and pushes small pearl balls around. This is hard to explain in writing, but basically if you hold the shaft you would feel small balls moving around inside the vibrator. Then at the base of the vibrator there is a small vibrating piece that juts out from the vibrator. When the shaft is inserted into the woman’s pussy, the vibrating piece can be positioned right on top of the clitoris. Thus the woman is being stimulated internally by a moving shaft while her clit is being vibrated.

The term rabbit comes from two ears that were put on the top of the vibrating device. The two vibrating ears can be used to massage on and around the clitoris. The rabbit has become such a social phenomenon in bed that shows like sex in the city have profiled the bunny. As a result the term “rabbit vibrator” is one of the best known adult products sold today. Despite the popularity of the rabbit, there are many toys that work similarly to the rabbit, but are in fact not rabbits. For example, there are dolphins, panthers, and the waterproof impulse crystal. Each of these types have a unique feature to them. You can try them all right here at Ododi.com

Which is the best rabbit vibrator?

Dildos and Dongs

Another popular type of sex toy is the realistic dildo. Realistic Dildos molded after porn stars are very popular and are often huge in size. Which brings us to an interesting truism. Giant dildos are giant sellers. Many people have asked me, “do people really use those giant dildos?” I really do not know, but I do know that men and women buy lots of them and buy them often. Dildos were originally all made from rubber, but over the last 15 years many new materials for dildos have become popular. Jelly is a soft, smooth, squishy material that is very popular, but make sure you buy it from trusted companies because poorly made jelly dildos can smell really bad! Their is a new material which we call “like real flesh” that has a different name depending on who manufacturers it. Doc Johnson calls their version “ultra realistic”, California Exotics calls their version “XXX”, and TopCo calls their version cyberskin. Another type of realistic dildos are made from silicone.

A Beginners Guide to Buying Dildos

Glass and Pyrex sex toys

Realistic dildos and other shaped dildos are also made from pyrex or glass. Glass sex toys have been around for many years, but when glass dildos were featured on HBO in the late 90’s, sales took off. At the time, there were very few manufacturers of glass dildos and prices were outrageously high. Soon, there were new manufacturers of glass sex toys and thus increased supply. Before you knew it, prices were coming down and supply was rising. Then in 2003 the government cracked down on bong manufacturers including arresting Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong. After that crack down, almost every bong maker got into the glass dildo business and now there is a glut of these products.

Guide to Luxury Sex Toys

Anal Sex Toy Play

A popular category of sex toys are ones for anal play. Both Butt Plugs and Anal Vibrators. Toys designed for anal play are usually shaped differently from traditional dildos in that they often start out thin and then get fatter as you move further down. These are commonly called butt plugs. Another anal stimulation shape are anal beads. This is a series of balls on a string or connected together by something firmer. The man or woman inserts the beads into the anus and then their partner pulls the beads out during orgasm. Just like with dildos our anal toys have all the sex toy features like vibration and are made of all the different materials like rubber, jelly, etc. nother very popular type of anal sex toy are the inflatable butt plugs.

Beginners Guide To Experimenting With Anal Play

Lotion, Potions and Lubes

A necessary sex toy accessory that almost all customers can use are lubricants. Lubrication can often help by making it easy to get started with dildos. Particularly for men, lubes are often absolutely necessary to make it possible for a man to enjoy rubber realistic vaginas or other male masturbators. Anal play often requires lube also. In addition some sex partners may want to use lube lotion just between themselves while playing around. Some lotions are designed not only to lubricate, but also to add flavor and some when rubbed heat up on the skin. Other lubes are used to desensitize an area like the anus or the penis to prevent premature ejaculation. Some lubes are even designed to tighten the skin in the vagina to give the woman a tighter pussy. And of course one of the most popular uses of lubrication is for massage.

Ododis Great Big Guide To Lubricants

Bondage Fantasy Sex Toys

When it comes to bondage or BDSM, many people associate it with violence. But some people do enjoy vascillating between the sensations of pain and pleasure. Blindfolds, handcuffs, and bed restraints are popular toys to create bondage fantasies. Check out our best selling BDSM or bondage sex toys.

The Ododi Guide to Bondage

Toys for Men

There are many sites reviewing adult products designed to please women, but there are many sex toys for men as well. The most popular toys for men are the realistic vaginas. These range from an actual mold of Jenna Jameson’s pussy to a pocket pussy. Like the realistic dildos, these vaginas come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Men also buy “masturbators” which are toys designed to assist in masturbation but do not necessarily look like a vagina.

Another favorite adult product for men are erection enhancers. Cock rings are the simplest and often least expensive toy for this. The cock ring is placed around the base of the cock. It then restricts blood flow out of the cock thereby helping maintain the erection. Some cock rings come with vibrating attachments designed to vibrate the woman’s clitoris during penetration and sometimes the man’s balls as well. Strap on cocks and penis extensions for men may not help the man’s penis, but they help the men pretend to have a penis larger or more sturdy than the one they actually have.

Some men prefer penis pumps which supposedly help extend the length and girth of a penis. Many people want to know if it truly works. You put the pump around the base of the cock so no air can get in and then you start pumping. The suction stretches the cock within the cylinder. While you do this pumping, the cock is surely stretching to a larger size. The question is, when you are done pumping, will your cock remain its larger size or revert back to where it was? Some people claim the increase in size is temporary, while others claim that repeated use can make the stretching permanent!

The Beginners Guide to Male Sex Toys


Whatever toy you need you’re sure to find something to satisfy at Ododi.com!

Choosing Your First Sex Toy