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But below is a list of some popular queries which might save you a phone call…

Can I use my sex toy in the bath?

Many of the sex toys we sell are fully waterproof (submergible), particularly the non vibrating toys. More and more vibrating toys nowadays are also submergible, but please check in the product descriptions on this site to be absolutely sure. We always write clearly when a toy is waterproof and if in doubt don’t dunk your new sex toy in the bath until you’ve checked the manufacturer instructions.

How do I know my sex toy is safe?

This is simple – if it is sold on Ododi.com then you can be confident that your toy has come from an experienced and reputable manufacturer and that it is made from body safe materials. None of our sex toys contain phthalates. It is also important that you play responsibly though – read the instructions that come with your toy, always clean it after use, store it in a cool, dry place and only use your toy for its intended purpose.

Why should I pay more for a luxury toy?

Premium or luxury toys are better designed, use superior materials, are more durable and deliver better results. They are an investment in your sex life and, over time, they represent great value for money because they last longer. For more information on luxury toys, read our Guide to Luxury Toys.

How should I introduce sex toys to my relationship?

If you’ve not used sex toys before as a couple it is a good idea to start with something unobtrusive that can be integrated into your love making, without taking over. Small, vibrating toys, like the Lelo Lily or the Key Pyxis can be subtly incorporated for female pleasure; whilst toys like the Lelo Bo Cock Ring can help improve male stamina at the same time as providing vibrating pleasure for women. If you are interesting in experimenting with bondage, opt for a soft restraint, like the Silky Sash Restraints, which are a gentle way to get started

What is your most discrete vibrator?

Discretion in vibrating toys can be delivered in two ways: either by being whisper quiet (the Swan range is excellent for this) or by being subtle in design (non anatomical toys like the Lelo Nea are so discrete that you could leave them out on show!) Mini toys, like vibrating bullets, are also easy to tuck away or travel – many are small enough to keep in a purse.

How do I return my purchase?

If you are unhappy with your purchase then we would first like to apologise for that. Should you wish to return anything, please read our returns policy for detailed instruction

Do you have guides and advice available?

For more useful information please have a read of our blog: