Great ways to enhance your orgasms

When a lot of people imagine adventure in the bedroom, one of the first things that come to mind is anal play. And there are many benefits for exploring into this region. Studies have shown that the prostate can be aroused erotically through anal stimulation, heightening the male orgasm.

Sound interesting to you? Well here are just a few examples of how you can create sensational anal stimulation and mind blowing orgasms for him and her.

Firstly are anal beads. Which are typically made from a plastic material and come in a variety of sizes. Not only do they feel amazing being inserted but when removed in a slow motion the orgasm you experience can be very intense. For men and women that feel they want a fuller feeling then anal plugs and probes are a good choice. This can also be used at the same time as vaginal stimulation.

Venturing into Anal Play

I am certainly not dismissing vibrators here guys as they have very unique designs and obviously offer amazing vibrating modes. For instance for men a vibrating vagina or a Fleshlight for those lonely nights will give hours of pleasure. Or men can also try a penis cup that stimulates the tip of the penis. For men that want to use a vibrating device with your partner a sleeve with a built in bullet which is worn on the penis can give immense stimulation to the women whilst making you harder for longer and lasting.

Not forgetting the ladies. Well we girls have a huge amount of clitoral stimulators to choose from, a popular choice is the hands free strap on vibe which simultaneously vibrate and probe your clitoral and vaginal area. Add a anal plug at the same time and oh my you are in heaven. Another great choice are the internal eggs which are inserted into the vagina and most commonly controlled by a remote. It is not saying you have to be the one to control the eggs, it makes great fun if you have a partner to do it for you.

Sex Furniture is getting more and more known in the sex industry. Don’t be scared when I say this I don’t mean full on bondage equipment, although this can be an option. But sex toys that can attached a vibrator or dildo which you can sit on and ride, making the fun completely hands free. There are even toys which offer two vibrators that are connected, one to be inserted into the vagina and the other into the anus.

Of course there are many adult sex toys that can be inflatable. Such as inflatable dildos, gags and life size sex dolls. The materials are softer and more flexible which some people prefer. The choice are endless but if you are still unsure what would suit you and your partner our guides can give a more detailed overview of the products we offer.

Are you a women looking for a vibrator?

Ok guys who of you have heard of the Rabbit Vibrator?

If you are unfortunate to have not tried out this awesome toy then you’re in for a treat.

Well sex toys come in shapes and forms but there is a particular sex toy on the market which is called the Rabbit vibrator. This remarkable adult toy has indeed a rabbit shape prober attached to the vibe that is ready to vibrator and stimulates you. Are you wondering how this works? Well read more to find out.

The bunny shaped ears that is positioned on perfectly on the side of the shaft tickles and massagers your clit. It’s such an amazing feeling. The clever rabbits are designed to stimulate your clitoris whilst the rabbit shaft buzzes vigorously inside your vagina. Double the stimulation all at once.

There are many selections of rabbit vibes on the market, a variety of them are permanently attached to the rabbit vibrator, but in fact there are types of rabbits that can remove the rabbit ears. Either of the different types is just as good it is really down to personal preference.

Are you considering trying a Jack Rabbit Vibrators? Well the wiggling and vigorous multispeed ears can bring on amazing orgasms within minutes. The speed and movement of the ears which stimulate the clit can literally take you to one orgasmic height to the next. Many women can even experience multiple orgasms in one sole session.

Choosing a vibrator can be tricky with so many different variations on offer. We all know sex toys come in many sizes because all women and men have different desires. You can select from waterproof, detachable and of course multispeed pulsating versions.

Are rabbit vibrators worth the money?

Ok now I can’t answer for everyone. For me and everyone I know that enjoys rabbits, the answer is yes, it is well worth the money spent. Saying that you don’t need to spend a lot of money when buying vibrators, there are many vibes that has all the features you will need to experience fantastic orgasms at a cost between £15 – £20. You will usually find the higher priced rabbits will feature a few more features in speed or rotation. And perhaps are made from a more expensive material such as silicone rather than a jelly type material.

Whichever is your choice or preference I am a firm believer that all women should own a rabbit vibrator for both solo pleasure and to enjoy with a partner.

Which is the best rabbit vibrator?

The Elegance of Glass Dildos

When it comes to dildos, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. From silicone to latex to wooden dildos, if you have a need, chances are, you can find a toy that satisfies it. For those who like temperature control, a smooth texture and a toy that looks elegant, then a glass dildo would be your best option for the future.

As far as dildos go, glass dildos are both elegant and practical. The smooth texture and durable, firm material means that this is a toy that is uncompromising in its fullness and satisfaction. With a shape that won’t eventually warp or lose firmness, glass dildos are ideal once you’ve found the kind of shape and size you want. Many will choose glass dildos for their permanent collection simply based on those two factors, but the fact is, there are far more factors towards enjoying glass dildos.

Temperature is a huge factor and plus with glass dildos over any other type of toy. Unlike many other dildos, glass dildos take to temperature really well. If you’re looking for a different texture and unique sensation, glass dildos can be put in the fridge for a chilly experience. Cold glass creates a very different experience, with sensations you might not expect. The cold glass doesn’t just affect insertion as well, but makes it a perfect conduit for sensory play all over your body.

Along the same lines, warming up a glass dildo is tantalizing as well. By putting the glass dildo in a bowl of warm water to let it warm, the toy will hold the heat and allow you the pleasure of enhanced sensation closer to intercourse. This means that foreplay and actual masturbation will be coloured by soothing warmth and realistic temperatures.

While there are plenty of other dildos out there that provide the unique textures that other toys have, there really are no others that match with temperature play. The play of hot and cold, combined with the very unyielding strength of glass, makes it superior over other simple dildos. There are even some glass dildos that can have a bullet slipped into the shaft, which means you can have vibrating glass dildos for your own home play.

Glass dildos are also much easier to clean than any other kind of toy out there. All you need is soap and water after usage, and it’s clean. Unlike rubber or silicone toys, glass dildos also are less likely to pick up random fluffies or other annoying debris that might be in even the cleanest of toy chests.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with a glass dildo. Out of other dildos out there, it is one of the best, if not the definitive dildo for anyone. Whether it’s the temperature play or the fact that it’s so easy to clean and easy to store, the glass dildo is a definite must for any serious sex toy collection.

Achieving Orgasm: Getting the Most Out of It