Male Masturbation Techniques 101

If you’re a typical guy then, chances are, you’ve masturbated.

That’s not a sweeping assumption…okay…maybe it is…but it’s based on science too.

According to research in the JAMA Network, 73.8% of males in a cross-sectional survey of US citizens have masturbated. Jump over to the world’s largest survey of sexual practices and attitudes and the stats are even more striking; 96% of British men, 93%of German men, and 92% of American men have masturbated with most doing it regularly.

But masturbating recreationally doesn’t necessarily equate to masturbating optimally and, as weird as it sounds, it could be that a whole lot of male individuals are doing themselves an injustice when it comes to their masturbation techniques.

When you think about it, though, it kind of makes sense.

We are not really taught how to masturbate. Despite masturbation being linked with better health (especially in men), better sexual gratification, and more astute safer sex practices, the finer details of masturbation are rarely discussed and rarely elaborated upon.

Given all the benefits of masturbation, this is a crying shame, but it can be counteracted.

There is never a time in life where we can’t learn and improve. That applies as much to work, home life, and hobbies, as it does sexual pleasure and self-gratification.

Now, y’all know I’m not the kind to be walking step-by-step through how to grip one’s snake and give it a shake, but I am interested in giving interested individuals some useful tools and techniques to explore for improved satisfaction during masturbation.

So, rambling and ranting about masturbation aside, here are a few techniques to experiment with in your masturbation sessions to potentially reap more benefits from every single solo encounter.

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#1 Bring in Audio 

Music can do many things to us. Studies have shown that music can trigger the brain in the same way that going through emotional experiences (either highs or lows) can and generally immerse ourselves in…well, ourselves.

Put simply music is grounding and a great tool for taking a more mindful approach to masturbation and experiencing the moment fully.

Lofi music is particularly good for easing in to things.

Plus it’s a great, non-overt sound buffer that allows you to masturbate without fear of being heard or caught out in any way.

Spend some time making a masturbation playlist (or put on a lofi live video on Youtube), close your eyes and focus on feeling and experiencing yourself alongside the rhythm of the music. Don’t get too caught up in it; just allow it to be the intuitive guiding backing for a potentially awesome masturbation session.

#2 Get A Cock Ring

You may not think you need one and you’re right. No one needs a cock ring. Cock rings, however, do help keep the blood pooled in an erection there for longer, leading to a firmer penis, increased sensation, delayed sessions, and a more satisfying climax.

Erections are very blood-oriented and anything that keeps it in place is a good thing, including a cock ring.

Don’t shun this tool til you’ve tried it.

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#3 Lube, Lube, and More Lube

Again, you don’t need lubricant, but lube reduces friction, allowing for more seamless and rapid strokes. Alternatively it can provide moisture and (as it warms in your hand) additional sensation for a slower and more deliberate masturbation session.

You can also get different kind of lubricants; silicone for a more powdered and softening sensation, water for a more slippery and buffered time, and (of course) sensation gels that will heat, cool, or tingle you to a tantalizing climax.

Use lube correctly and it can make all the difference.

There really is no such thing as “too much lube”.


#4 Heat Play

Tied in to the use of sensation lubes is the idea of playing with different temperatures.

Next time you go to enjoy yourself why not try warming your hand with a hot water bottle or heat pad? How about plunging it in cold water and then feeling the sharp clarity that comes with a cooler touch?

Ice cubes and safe direct heat can also be an interesting thing to bring in to masturbation, especially if you consider…

#5 Sex Toy Use

You knew this was coming.

Toys are an amazing tool to add to your life because they give variety of sensation, play, and the emotional and mental approach to masturbation. I can’t say what the best male masturbators will be for you, but if you look at review sites, articles, and various adult product sites then you’re likely to find at least one thing that piques your interest and gets you just a little bit excited.

When picking a male sex toy for masturbation it’s best to consider your current preferences and to go from there. Strokers are a solid first bet, just remember – many of them will require lubricant in order to be used without discomfort.

Ah, we’ve come full circle.


Know Thine Self

So there you have it! A few techniques to vary up your masturbation sessions if you find yourself stuck in a rut. However, the most important advice I can give you is to really get intimate with yourself, and not just physically.

Sex is exciting but excitement is often based on things such as exploration, discovery, and growth.

If you masturbate the way you always have then, yes, it will be familiar and enjoyable but it’s not representative of true excitement and progressive enjoyment over time. It will lead to much of the same results as always.

Add in variety and play with techniques, however, and suddenly you reintroduce one of the most powerful (and empowering) ways to meet your personal sexual needs.

never be afraid to grow and change as a sexual individual. I’m not saying it will always lead to a successful masturbation session but you owe it to yourself to be bold and open when it comes to your sexual satisfaction.

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