What You Don’t Know About Vaginal Lubrication

Natural Lubrication – What is it? Vaginal lubrication isn’t just for sex, although that’s when most of us think about it the most. Aside from making sex of all kinds easier and more pleasurable, natural vaginal lubrication keeps the vagina and the vulva healthy and facilitates self-cleaning. The pH of a healthy, pre-menopausal vagina is […]

Male Performance Issues

Impotence is something that affects many millions of men around the world. Its causes can be both physical and psychological. In many cases it can be rectified quite easily. In the case of psychological causes, even more so. Here we explore the psychological issues relating to impotence and discuss the possible solutions that might not […]

Q & A: Should I Be Giving My Vagina A Daily Shower?

QUESTION: I would like to know your take on vaginal showers. I don’t have an STD, but I met a male gynecologist who recommends vaginal cleansing on a daily basis. His arguments go around the idea that the way we usually brush our teeth every day, we should do vaginal showers. I’m asking this because, […]