Q&A: It Burns When I Pee. Could This Be More Than Just Trauma?

QUESTION: For a day or two after having vaginal intercourse, it burns when I pee. The first time it happened I went to the doctor thinking it was an UTI, but my urine tested negative. The doctor said it was probably just trauma caused by rough sex. It healed quickly. But now it is happening […]

So What About Health? More On The Complexity Of Sexual Orientation

One thing is clear from our discussions on sexual behavior, sexual orientation, and sexual identity here – sexuality and its multiple components are complex. Though behavior, attraction, and identity are consistent for the majority of adults in the United States, these three components of sexuality are not perfectly related as we tend to think. As […]

The Pros and Cons of Circumcision

Male circumcision is a tricky topic. An important religious rite to some, a life-saving preventative health service to others, and a controversial, abusive practice to others still–the topic of removing foreskin continues to invoke heightened emotions in cultures around the world. Today, in Part 1 of The Pros and Cons of Circumcision, we’ll be discussing […]

Q&A: Besides Condoms and Lube, What Else Can Be Used For Anal Sex?

QUESTION: My partner and I want to try anal sex but we don’t have condoms or lube. Is there anything like petroleum jelly we can use without buying anything? Condoms And Lubricant Are Important Anal sex is something you should definitely use condoms and lubricant for. This is because the anus does not lubricant on […]

Sexually Transmitted Infections Among The Sexually Inactive?

As both abstinence-only and comprehensive sexuality education programs note, the absolute, 100 percent effective way to prevent unintended pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is to abstain from sexual activity. They differ, of course on almost everything else, including the emphasis on using contraceptives, including condoms, if you are sexually active and […]