Guide to Luxury Sex Toys

High quality or luxury sex toys offer a superior and often much more satisfying experience for many reasons.

Better materials

High quality materials (such as silicone) look and feel better – making them more pleasurable on and in the body. These types of materials are also more durable which means that, over time, they offer better value for money.

Superior design

Premium sex toys have been developed more carefully and considerately – no corners have been cut in their development. Top manufacturers invest in research and testing to ensure their toys hit all the right spots. This means ergonomic shapes, seamless finishes and vibrations that are deep and rumbling (rather than buzzy).

Many premium toys are also rechargeable (so you can do away with the cost and hassle of batteries).

More satisfying results

Ultimately it is about the experience! Luxury sex toys are simply easier to use and more intuitive, as well as often more powerful. With a luxury vibrator your satisfaction comes first.

Guide to Sex Toy Materials

Sex Toy Materials 101

Ever wondered about the properties of plastic or what makes silicone so special? Wonder no more with our mini guide to sex toy materials…


Silicone is a premium material for sex toys, made up of man-made compounds. Medical grade/ pure silicone or 100% silicone is non-porous, therefore making it hygienic and easy to clean. Silicone can also withstand high temperatures and is dishwasher safe (although before you put your silicone toy in the dishwasher, make sure the entire toy, including the controls, are waterproof).

Silicone is in many ways the perfect sex toys material – it is soft and smooth and can be made to appear virtually seamless. It warms to body temperature quickly, feels realistic and is also flexible. If using a silicone toy it is essential that you remember to use a water based lubricant (lubricants can damage this material).


Elastomer is a latex free and phthalate free rubber. Sex toys that are made of elastomer are soft and flexible, yet very durable. Elastomer sex toys are hypoallergenic, but are porous. Therefore, they cannot be disinfected and should not be shared. Clean your elastomer sex toys with mild soap and water.

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

This plastic does not contain phthalates and is hypoallergenic. TPE is a softer plastic, but with the benefit of being latex free and free from any chemical solvents. It is perfectly safe to use with people who are sensitive to certain chemicals and latex.

TPE is slightly porous, which means it cannot be completely disinfected, but if washed with mild antibacterial soap and water, your TPE toy can be effectively cleaned. Condom use is recommended if sharing a product made of TPE.

Hard Plastic

Hard Plastic Sex Toys are phthalate free, hypoallergenic, and are non porous, which makes these products very easy to keep clean. Hard Plastic Toys have a rigid feel – which suits lovers of all things super firm, but not those after a realistic feel.

It is also important to take some care of hard plastic toys, as they could potentially break or crack if dropped. Many hard plastic vibrators are powerful, as the lack of the soft texture means that the vibrations are not dulled in any way by the toy’s casing. Water-based and silicone based lubricants can be used with hard plastic toys.


Jelly rubber is a good value material that is very soft and flexible. Jelly plastic is porous though, meaning sex toys made of jelly cannot be disinfected and should not be shared (unless you use a condom). Jelly toys can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Some jelly sex toys contain phthalates, but many do not and all Play Kinky jelly toys are completely body safe (phthalates free).

Metal and Glass

Sex toys that are made of metal or glass are odour free, tasteless and non porous. They are very easy to clean, compatible with all types of lubricant and highly, highly durable. Both of these super rigid materials can be heated up in warm water or cooled down in a fridge or freezer to add some additional sensations to your play.

Glass is also hypoallergenic and the type used in sex toys is so tough that it won’t shatter, even if dropped.


Many sex toys for men, such as the realistic vaginas, are made of CyberSkin. CyberSkin looks and feels like real skin and when used with an appropriate lubricant can deliver fantastic results. It is made from FDA approved lists and does not contain any phthalates, PVC, or latex. CyberSkin is porous, but can be cleaned with gentle soap and water.

Always treat CyberSkin gently, patting dry and allowing to air dry completely. Some types of CyberSkin benefit from ‘Renewal Powder’ – a light powder to keep them feeling real for longer.

Guide to Sex Toy Maintenance

How To Keep Your Sex Toys Clean

Once you’ve invested in a lovely new sex toy, it is important to treat it properly so that it lasts and lasts. There are few important ‘rules’ to keep your toy at its best.

Clean after every use

Whether you use a specifically designed sex toy cleaner, or simply water and a touch of mild soap, it is imperative to keep your sex toy clean if you want it to last. Clean your toy every time you use it, and ensure it is completely dry before you store it away for next time.

Store your toy in a clean, cool, dry place

Often (and especially for luxury toys) the packaging your toy comes in makes a very suitable storage container; however you choose to pack away your toy, aim for a location that is clean, dry and not too dusty to keep it.

In a bedside table or a box under your bed is perfect – out of direct sunlight and away from prying eyes!

If you have multiple toys it is best to keep them in separate containers or pouches, as some sex toy materials can react with others and ruin them.

Use the right lubricant

The golden rule is use a decent lubricant and do not use silicone with silicone – a silicone lube will try to bond to your silicone toy, leaving the latter tacky and ruined. Always use water based lube on silicone.

Take care with batteries

Best practice is to take your batteries out between uses, to avoid leaking (and to avoid the toy accidentally being turned on!) Most rechargeable sex toys have a ‘locking’ function, which is sensible to activate in between playtimes…

Love your sex toy and it will love you back…for the long term!

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