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Enemas & Anal Douches

Many people use anal douches and enema kits before anal sex to keep it clean, while others simply like douching! Douches and enemas are useful tools for maintaining excellent anal cleanliness.These handy anal hygiene devices are used to clean the anus before play in order to drain out impurities and ensure a clean and fresh anal sex session. Many people consider this to be an extremely seductive preparation to intercourse. Douches and enema kits wash the ‘back channel’ thoroughly and gently, preparing you for anal sex, exploration, and pleasure.

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Anal Douches and Enema Kits

Add enema play to your sexy encounter to increase connection and fully realise your medical fantasies. Make sure you're clean and ready to play with a douche or enema before you start. You'll feel secure and ready to play with your favourite anal toy after using them. They're simple to use, made for comfort, and some are ridged for pleasure. Visit our Anal Douche Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to clean in a safe and pleasant manner.