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Warming & Tingling Lubes

With tingling and warming lube, you may give your love life a new depth. As you and your spouse steam up the bedroom with the range, experience an explosion of razzle-dazzle feeling or heated sensations, and add this exciting and unique sensory experience to your bedroom armoury.

These lubes are carefully intended to give you warm, tingly sensations just where it matters most, going beyond the normal textures and flavours. Warming & Tingling lubricants are lubricants that are developed to satisfy the demands of both men and women, and to increase aroused sensations during intimate times.


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Tingle & Warming Lubricant

Warming, tingling, pleasure-enhancing, and cooling lubes boost your sensory response to touch while also providing superior lubrication for masturbation, foreplay, and intercourse. These lubricants contain active chemicals that can increase sensitivity to stimulation in the clitoris, G-spot, glans, and shaft, resulting in faster climax experiences.