History of Lingerie

History of Lingerie

LINGERIE – The Secret Desire

Lingerie can be said to be the secret desire that always lurks behind the minds of almost all men and in women who are very much keen about the appearance they wish to project. The latest versions of lingerie that are found today are more on the route to comfort as well as being sexy.

The needs and wishes of modern day women are very much different from those of the past and their demand has considerably linked to the boom that has resulted in the lingerie industry of today. There are specialized stores and departments worldwide which give utmost preference to the desires of modern young women. Earlier days show that the stream of lingerie was a fantasy for the not much wealthier and something that was craved for. The women then had an ultimate motive to reveal their alluring figure and look appealing to men.


Lingerie obviously denotes undergarments that are highly alluring and attractive. The word lingerie has its origin from the French word “linge” which means washable and “lin” denoting linen which was used by the Europeans to make undergarments. The lingerie had travelled a long way which was initiated from whalebone corsets that have to be cinched at the waists by tightening a set of laces which used to be highly painful. You will find that modern day Basques and Corsets are a lot more comfortable to wear.


Lingerie had been found to be used by women dating back to 3000 BC with its initial records being collected from Egypt. Some of the terracotta figurines that had been found by the archaeologists give evidence of lingerie usage. Lion cloth and linen were found to be commonly used in those days. The evolution of lingerie had been a painful process from those days when mentioning of the word itself was considered to be scandalous.

Middle Ages found a practical use for lingerie by the nobility and wealthy to maintain their expensive outer clothing to be free of body odour and dirt and added warmth to the cold climatic conditions. The 4th and later on 16th centuries continued with its lingerie patterns in chemise and corsets. Women manipulated their body with tight corsets to alter their body shape to their current vogue.

The early 20th century promoted a type of bust bodice which carried the bosom in a seductive manner. The first patented lingerie designe was Caresse-Crosby by an American named Mary Phelps-Jacobs. Hers was a simple design using two silk handkerchief tied together with ribbon straps and a connective seam to its front. Warner’s bought the patent from her and introduced sizings of A, B, and C. The entire course of this century saw a whole range of materials like Nylon, DuPont’s Lycra, Polyseter, and Elastene microfibres which paved the way for many sensual and seductive lingerie designs. Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucile was the first women pioneers who set out to free women from their painful and restricted and tight corsets. Women from the first half of this century used lingerie for both the reasons of hygiene and to maintain their modesty as well.

The New Millenium had found to be the treasure chest of latest and innovative lingerie ready to style the modern women. The latest century has been found to have 3 different streams of lingerie types. First and foremost being the practical type which is mainly for daily usage without sending off any signals. Plain and durability is the underlined criteria for this type of lingerie. Secondly, the line of sexy lingerie that makes the modern women take pride in her own body and cherish it. The confidence given by this provocative and stylish lingerie makes the modern women possess a sense of power. This secret knowledge makes her more aware of her male partner and the power that she can make him go crazy if she decides to.

Finally there is this naughty and teasing lingerie which is specifically designed for seduction. A woman’s body is interestingly exposed for special occasions for entrancing her male consort. Also this is the style of lingerie sets which men buy for their women to gift and enticing.