Fun with strap on dildos

Dildos have been used as sex toys for a very long time. To be more precise, the dildo happens to be one of the first sex toys to be used by women in particular. There are a plethora of sex toys available in the market that offers you immense pleasure and excitement. However, there is […]

Great ways to enhance your orgasms

When a lot of people imagine adventure in the bedroom, one of the first things that come to mind is anal play. And there are many benefits for exploring into this region. Studies have shown that the prostate can be aroused erotically through anal stimulation, heightening the male orgasm. Sound interesting to you? Well here […]

The Ododi Guide to Bondage

I’ve been umming about writing a ‘how to‘ type post on bondage, I wasn’t sure if it would be of any use. Mainly because I’m not 110% out there in the scene and prefer to keep certain aspects more private but then I realized that that wasn’t the issue, it’s confidence that is my issue. […]

Do Penis Extensions Really Work?

Recently I have been able to review a few different types of Penis Extensions, with my lovely assistant, Mr M. But what are they about? Why do you need or want to wear one? Well, some men aren’t lucky in the ‘trouser department’, others suffer with Erectile Dysfunction issues (ED) and others, well just like […]

Intimate massage for couples

Massage is one of the most sensual arts of physiotherapy when used by a couple to enhance their relationship, both emotional and physical. Intimate massage is just that intimate touch pleasure. It involves more than just tantric yoni massage, breast massage or lingam massage. Over thousands of years, touch and massage currently have been employed […]

Understanding Sex Toys

Do people really understand the reason for using sex toys? Well that is hard question because there is not just one answer. Everyone has different needs and desires, whether this is for sole experiences or with a loved one. Sex experts all-round the country offer relationship and sexual advice to all types of people and […]