Q&A: It Burns When I Pee. Could This Be More Than Just Trauma?

QUESTION: For a day or two after having vaginal intercourse, it burns when I pee. The first time it happened I went to the doctor thinking it was an UTI, but my urine tested negative. The doctor said it was probably just trauma caused by rough sex. It healed quickly. But now it is happening […]

Q&A: Besides Condoms and Lube, What Else Can Be Used For Anal Sex?

QUESTION: My partner and I want to try anal sex but we don’t have condoms or lube. Is there anything like petroleum jelly we can use without buying anything? Condoms And Lubricant Are Important Anal sex is something you should definitely use condoms and lubricant for. This is because the anus does not lubricant on […]

Q & A: Should I Be Giving My Vagina A Daily Shower?

QUESTION: I would like to know your take on vaginal showers. I don’t have an STD, but I met a male gynecologist who recommends vaginal cleansing on a daily basis. His arguments go around the idea that the way we usually brush our teeth every day, we should do vaginal showers. I’m asking this because, […]