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lubricants and oils

If you want to improve your sex life even more, simply add lubrication and prepare to be surprised by new sensations and sensuous flavours. Choose from water-based lubes, silicone lubes, organic lubricants, and anal sex lubes in our super-slippery range. From anal soothing glides to mouth-watering flavoured lubes, make sure your sex is slick, smooth, and enjoyable. Take your pleasure to new heights by adding lubricant to our spectacular sex toys, which are ideal for solitary and partnered play.

Buy Lubricants and Sex Oils Online

Enjoy more pleasurable sex by using lubricants which can provide you with additional moistness when you need it the most.

Our long lasting sex lubricants include warming, anal, flavoured and vaginal lubricants.

Choose from either water-based or silicone lubes which are available in a variety of different sizes.

The majority of our lubricants can also be used in massage and are compatible with latex condoms and sex toys. Give Lube and ID Lube are amongst our best-selling brands.