Thoughts on Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos – the most basic, and occasionally essential of the sex toys available. There are a lot of options on the market, but when people think “sex toy” the common vision that comes to mind is a veiny dong. The sex toy industry has made leaps and bounds in regards to technology the past few years – suction toys, better wands, and new ways of pleasuring ones self are popping up everywhere. But not much has changed on the silicone dildo front if we’re talking about realistic dildos.

Indie fantasy silicone insertable companies have been taking over the market right now, which I think is amazing, but I want to see some more indie companies producing realistic dildos.

Right now the only brands going above and beyond with detailed looking fake penises, are Vixen Creations and Abyss Creations’ Real Cock 2, so I’d like to encourage other makers, especially indie brands, to think of us lovers of realistic-looking dildos.

Components of a Good Realistic Dildo

What makes a good realistic dildo in my opinion? Let’s explore…

Made out of Silicone

This is the most base requirement for making any decent realistic dildo, in my opinion. Silicone is the only dildo material right now that is body-safe and able to have a real-cock feeling. Unfortunately, many dildos on the market are made out of materials that are porous or toxic (like TPR, TPE, Jelly, siliajell, and more). More often than not, using these materials can lead to health complications of the user. People have experienced yeast infections, burns, and in extreme cases, reproductive issues. Silicone dildos are safe to use, and boilable (for cleaning). Not to mention they won’t deteriorate over time!

Sex Toy Materials 101

Shape & Colour

Real looking dildos should come in a diverse range of colours and sizes, and luckily the sex toy industry is starting to accommodate that. Companies like Vixen Creations and Blush Novelties are making some stellar realistic dildo products that fill in the gaps the rest of the industry is ignoring. What I would love to see though, is more silicone dildo options with foreskin, and more multi-coloured silicone dildos. Most dual-coloured dildos I see (usually with a pink head, and a different coloured body) are made out of jelly or TPR. If we brought more life into realistic dildos with colouring enhancements, I think people would have another reason to choose silicone over the cheaper toxic options.


Dildos that look realistic can feel realistic too. Dual-density dildos are dildos made with two layers of silicone – one inner core and a softer outer layer. This gives the dildos an extra fun and enjoyable feeling; when I squeeze my vagina around my Vixen Buck, it has a bit of give to it while maintaining its sturdiness. It’s the perfect addition to a good shape.


Squirting Dildos & Cum Tube

One thing that is severely lacking from realistic dildos in the industry, and it’s squirting dildos! As a porn creator and perv, there are not enough options of silicone dildos with cum tubes. Bad Dragon is a company dominating the space of squirting dildos, but their line is fantasy-based, and they’re not an ethical company. There are some amazing indie silicone dildo brands coming up, but most won’t take advantage of the gap in the market. Y’all! There are lots of us out here who would love to purchase your toys with a squirting option! Please consider it!

And that my friends, is some thoughts on realistic dildos! What are your favourite dildos? Do you think we need some more innovation in this area of the industry? Are you missing out on a good realistic squirting dildo too? Let me know!

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