Sex Toy Storage & Boxes

With our sex toy storage solutions, you can keep your toys in great, playable condition.
Storage bags are not only useful for keeping your toy box tidy, but they are also necessary for safe and sanitary play. As you place each toy into its individual storage bag, make sure it’s free of dust, crumbs, and other messes (we always recommend storing your sex toys separately as some materials can react with each other). With our selection of sex toy storage options, you can keep your nightstand BFFs tucked away from prying eyes and always ready to play.


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Storing Your Sex Toys

Obviously, you'll want to keep your toys safe from prying eyes, but we can't stress enough how critical sex toy storage is for keeping your toy in great shape. Pick from our selection of sex toy boxes and bags. To store your toys safely and hygienically, use our satin drawstring bags, then place them in one of our durable cardboard boxes and hide them in your favourite hiding spot.