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Best selling Lubricants

Allow us to introduce you to our best-selling personal lubricants, which are manufactured by the world’s most reputable companies. This section contains all of the items that have earned the trust of customers due to their efficacy, luxurious quality, maximum comfort, and most enjoyable sensation. Liquid Silk, the most popular personal lubricant at Ododi, replicates natural vaginal lubrication, feels good on the skin, and is simple to use.



Top selling lubes and oils

During masturbation, sexual foreplay, and intimate intercourse, the luxury water-based lubricant delivers the most comfort. We also carry additional well-known brands that have been recommended by doctors and other health-care experts. Select from pjur, System JO, ID, WET, and other options. Try these lubes and tell us which one is your favourite! From anal soothing glides to mouth-watering flavoured lubes, make sure your sex is slick, smooth, and enjoyable. Take your pleasure to new heights by adding lubricant to our spectacular sex toys, which are ideal for solitary and partnered play. It is a proven truth that people who use lubrication have better sex. The slick stuff not only makes penetration easier, but it also makes playing with or without sex toys a lot more fun. You if you think your body is doing a fantastic job on its own, you could be losing out on a lot of extra pleasure without even realising it.