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Rabbit Vibrators, a type of personal pleasure device, first gained widespread recognition after their inclusion in the popular television series, Sex and the City. From that renowned screen debut, they quickly emerged as an indispensable component of many a woman’s personal array of intimate accessories, adding a touch of pleasurable intrigue to the commonplace bedside drawer.


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Some rabbit vibrators have twirling tips, thrusting shafts or rotating beads or pearls to provide G-spot stimulation. The clitoral vibe often has its own controls, with two further sets of controls adjusting the rotating speed and vibrating shaft speed.

The design of these dual-stimulating vibes distinctly sets them apart. Characterised by a flexible clitoral stimulator - cleverly and endearingly often designed to resemble rabbit ears - they are skilfully crafted to gently cocoon the clitoris. This unique design delivers a playfully titillating external sensation which, when combined with the action of the shaft, gifts the user an immensely satisfying experience.

The shaft, purposefully constructed for internal vaginal stimulation, works in harmony with the external stimulator to create a symphony of pleasure. Together, the shaft and the 'rabbit' create a dual functionality that has been revered by users for its ability to stimulate both areas simultaneously, adding a whole new level of delight to personal pleasure exploration.

In the vast and varied realm of intimate accessories, Rabbit Vibrators stand unique and iconic, promising an unmatched experience for those courageous enough to discover their pleasures. After all, embracing our sexuality and exploring the myriad ways of amplifying pleasure is a vital part of our human experience.

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