Beginners Guide to Vibrators

They’re buzzy and brilliant but with so many options to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in translation when it comes to picking the perfect vibe.

Sit back, relax and read on; we will have you acquainted with the perfect vibe for you in no time…

Bullet Vibrators

Small yet perfectly formed, the bullet vibrator is a non-intimidating sex toy that is powerful yet pretty; you won’t be scared when you get it out, but you will be happy with the final result that it offers you.

In short, you’ll achieve the big o in no time, with the option to keep it on your clit, or run it over other parts of your body that quiver from the bullet vibe…

Clitoral Vibrators

There is nothing like a good vibe on your clit, and our clitoral vibrators ensure that you achieve this every single time you switch on.

With more to offer than the traditional vibe, you can go for flicking or sucking sensations that will take you to new heights of pleasure.

Finger Vibrator

These make life easy for either you or your partner; simply slip it onto a finger and get going.

The best bit? The fact that the finger vibrator is safely secured to your hand means that the other is free to roam, either on you, or your partner…

G Spot Vibrators

Let’s get one thing straight – the G-spot is not a myth; you have one, and it’s amazing.

Our G-spot vibrators will push you over the edge and give you the internal stimulation needed in order to reach the elusive orgasm that is quite unlike no other. The ridge in the vibe will hit the sensitive part of your vagina that tips you over the edge and once you’re in the swing of things, you could even reach your first female ejaculation.

Vibrating Eggs

Pass the power to your partner with these; love eggs are inserted into the vagina and come with an external control that can push your pleasure to new levels.

Just how good is your poker face?

Rabbit Vibrators

The iconic vibe on the market and the one that everybody wants; they have revolutionised the orgasm and created an army of sexually savvy ladies who know what they want, and know that the classic rabbit vibe will give them it.

Vaginal stimulation and a buzz for your clit, you might struggle going back to the real thing after you’ve had your first rampant rabbit orgasm.

Anal Vibrators

Exactly what they say they are – an anal vibrator will stimulate an area that isn’t as played with as the others, and what pleasure this can bring…

If you’re just getting started, go for a vibrating butt plug that isn’t too overwhelming in size, before graduating onto bigger and better things.

Which Toy? Ododi’s Guide to Vibrators