Powerful vibrators – Loud, but Worth It!

The more powerful vibrators have an obvious disadvantage – the noise – but if you want power then you need stronger vibrations and it is these vibrations that cause the noise. This is usually not an issue for anyone buying a powerful vibrator however, as the intense orgasms that these powerful vibrators can cause are well worth it!

Finding the Right Level of Vibration

The intensity of today’s vibrators can range from very gentle and designed purely for relaxation to a vibration that’s absolutely overpowering and, quite frankly, uncomfortable. Vibrators such as The Hitachi Magic Wand and the extremely expensive but revolutionary Eroscillator 2 aren’t everyones cup of tea.

The level of vibration that will please any individual is completely variable and down to how much any woman can take, but we can offer some tips. Always start with your vibrator on its lowest intensity setting and then experiment with the higher settings to see what feels most comfortable for you. If your powerful vibrator is simply too much, don’t despair! Many women enjoy diffusing the vibrations from their powerful vibrator by placing a towel or piece of cloth over any external vibrating units. This trick is very popular and has been used for years.

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