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love eggs jiggle balls

Buy Love Eggs & Jiggle Balls Online

If you haven’t experienced jiggle balls and love eggs, you are missing out! You can get incredible pleasure and tone your vaginal muscles at the same time by using them. Simply insert the jiggle balls (also known as love balls) into your vagina and experience the pleasurable feeling of the constant rolling motion of the smaller balls within the larger outer balls. Likewise, love eggs can create a buzzing sensation as they vibrate around your insides! Tighten and tone your vaginal muscles and intensify your orgasms today with these female pleasure providers.


love eggs jiggle balls

Love Eggs & Jiggle Balls

Vibrating love eggs and love balls which vibrate are brilliant kegel exercisers for women, which help to tone those pelvic floor muscles, tighten your vagina and help you to achieve a more enjoyable, better sex life and increase your sex confidence at the same time.

As well as tightening your vagina which may be a concern for women especially after childbirth or just generally wanting to increase that virgin vagina feeling, vibrating love eggs and love balls give you delicious sensations when worn inside the vagina - completely discreetly with a whisper quiet vibration which you may even choose to enjoy for some naughty public play alone or with your partner.

Made more famous by the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, some love balls or jiggle balls have internal weights which rotate for an alternative sexual stimulation to traditional sex toys like vibrators or dildos.

The large range of vibrating love eggs and love balls here at Simply Pleasure come in your choice of battery powered or rechargeable, waterproof and remote control love egg vibrators too.

Get the most powerful orgasm for women and a better sex life when you tone your vaginal muscles and increase the strength of your pelvic floor using our vibrating love eggs and love balls.

All Ododi orders are professionally wrapped and come in discreet packaging so your secret is safe with us.

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