The Beginners Guide to Male Sex Toys

How’s about this for a revelation – sex toys aren’t all about the girls! That’s right, there are plenty of adult toys on the market for men that go past the whole blow up doll thing, and we think you will be quite surprised at just how many are out there…

Cock Rings

Let’s ease you in nicely…Cock rings trap the blood in the penis once you are hard in order to make you last longer and feel harder to your partner. A win/win sex toy!


A complete staple when it comes to male masturbation, the Fleshlight looks like a torch, is really discreet, but does so much more than give you light! The real feel super skin material makes you think it’s the real thing and this sex toy is one of the best sellers on the market. Fleshlight girls are part of the Fleshlight family and are moulded directly from your favourite porn stars; you will be able to feel what it’s like to penetrate the women you watch – amazing!

Male Masturbators

With options available to suit all shapes and sizes, male masturbators enhance the hand job and make you wonder why you never got one a long time ago. Hands free options are also available and these toys can take you all the way.

Penis pumps and enlargers

No, they’re not a myth! And yes, they work! The suction aspect of the penis pump will engorge the penis and eventually give long lasting results that increase your penis size. Place a cock ring on for extra pleasure.

Prostate Massagers

A man’s G-spot – this is what many are looking to hit! Prostate managers stimulate this area in order to give a man a full body orgasm.

Realistic Vagina

Sometimes plastic tubes just aren’t what you are looking for, and you need something that is a bit more realistic. Lifelike vagina toys are created to look as realistic as possible and give you a natural feel. The perfect choice for when the real thing just isn’t available.

Sex Dolls

We had to touch upon the stereotype…You can go for a cheap blow up sex doll option, to an elaborate, handmade model that is designed to make you feel like you are with a real woman. Just remember, they’re hard to hide, so have a special place for your blow up sexual partner.

Penis Sleeves

Slip them over your penis and use them to stroke away! Your partner can take hold and do it for you if you want to lie back and just enjoy the feeling of something new!

Tenga and flip hole

The Fleshlight is a toy that is supposed to be realistic, but the TENGA is a toy that is better than the real thing. They offer something for everyone, but often come with a larger price tag, so only get them if you’re ready to move on from pre-existing sex toys!

Vibrating Cock Ring

It’s a cock ring, and it vibrates. Great for you – great for her – slip it on and get ready to buzz your way to orgasm!

Sex Dolls – Not just for Hen nights!