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Flavored lubricants are as delicious as they are different. Choose from a dizzying array of options that cater to every palette and scenario imaginable. Strawberry will make you sexy; tropical will tempt them; cherry will delight you; and pina colada will make your penis go crazy. The fun of flavoured lube can be boosted with a sensual game and exotic consumables, which is sure to provide excitement and new adventures.

Flavoured lubricant and oils

Flavoured lubricant comes in a variety of delectable flavours and is specifically designed to improve oral sex and your lover's every lick. There's a wide range of flavours to taste, both in single doses and full-sized bottles. To heighten sensory pleasure in the bedroom, you can even freeze flavoured lube into ice cubes. Flavored Lubes are a great way to spice up foreplay, vaginal intercourse, and especially oral sex. These water-based lubes are condom-friendly, won't stain the sheets, and are easy to wash off when you're done, whether you're in the mood for Strawberry or Cherry. They'll make you feel good in more ways than one, as they're gentle on the skin and delicious. Flavored lubricant is popular among couples and individuals for a variety of reasons. Have you ever had a spouse apply a lovely lubrication to a region of your body and then spend time licking it off? The sensation is completely enthralling. Oral sex is significantly more fun with flavoured lubricants.