Can Sex Toys help Erectile Dysfunction?

Most sex toys available on the market have not been designed to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). However, some of them offer ways in which men can encounter sexual delight, for example, through vibratory stimulation. Different products can assist a man to manage an erection reasonable for coital sex, or change the way his erection feels.

If you think you have ED then you should not ignore it. Immediately seek medical advice from your GP if you experience any of the symptoms. It could be a sign to more serious problems such as diabetes or heart related.

The cause of ED can either be a physical problem such as heart disease or it may be due to a psychological problem such as stress, obesity or lack of exercise. Using sex toys can help you overcome the symptoms of ED.

It is important to note that using sex toys will not cure the cause of ED but instead they will help you experience arousal and sexual pleasure.

The difference between medication and sex toys is sex toys are harmless when used in the correct manner. Using sex toys can be fun and pleasurable especially when you are using them with a partner.

Below are different sex toys which are recommended for people who suffer with ED and advise on ow these can improve your sexual health and sex life.

I can’t get an erection at all

If you want to have full blown penetrative sex but cannot get an erection then one recommendation is to use a strap on prosthesis over your penis. There are a variety available on the market. Ones that are attached by straps and others which are hollow dildos which you slip your penis into.

A strap on dildo secures the dildo to your body enabling you to have sexual pleasure without holding it. You can use whatever type of dildo you wish and whatever size you wish. All it takes is some imagination and before you know it you will be experiencing intense sexual pleasure even when your penis is not erect.

I have decreased sensation in my penis

Although vibrators are mainly used by women, there are many vibrators for men available that can help overcome the problem of ED. Decreased sensation can occur as a result of aging, injury, illness, disease or side effects of medication. Male vibrators offer a different level of sensations, something a man will never experience if manually masturbating.

I have Premature Ejaculation

Fleshlight Penis sleeves are great when you wish to experience the pleasures of ultra-realistic sensations. Fleshlight is the number one range of sex toys for men in the world due to life size exteriors moulded on real body features.

The Fleshlight is amazing as it replicates the sensations the vagina and anus receives and the sensations received when participating in oral sex. For men who experience premature ejaculation the fantastic Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is what you need as this helps improve your stamina and endurance. Once the sleeve is placed on the penis, the large bumps on the inner side of the sleeve will begin to stimulate immediately. As you use it more and become comfortable with it you will learn how to control and prolong your ejaculation.

I can get an erection but it’s not good enough for sex

For men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, using a penis pump is one solution as it will maintain good penis health. If you use the pump regularly you will notice your erection will become better and your orgasms will last longer. As they say practice makes perfect. A penis pump is perfect for those men who have tried medical methods and surgical procedures which have failed or unable to have medical intervention.

A penis pump will do what it says on the box and help men get an erection if they are unable to normally. A penis pump has no side effects that can be caused by medication and surgery. A pump is non-invasive and the side effects are minimal.

Photo of romatic couple hands, walking outdoor and spending time together

It is important you fully research penis pumps as many different type are available but if not used correctly they can cause damage to the penis.

The Bathmate Hydromax has been designed and is manufactured in the UK. It is a penis pump that systematically works with the body to produce bigger erections. It does this by using water to ensure a safe, even vacuum is applied over the penis. This method does not require any form of constraint ring.

This method of using warm water helps to stimulate the circulation of the blood around the penis. The vacuum opens up the tissues and the blood vessels. This device will increase your penis to about 25% more than normal.

Cock rings are great little sex toys for men and are available in a variety of design. The purpose of a cock ring is to help your erection last longer as well as make your penis look bigger. A cock ring can intensify your orgasms and also delay ejaculation making your sexual experience more pleasurable. However, a cockring is just for short term use and should not be used for more than 30 minutes at a time.

I have an enlarged prostate

More often than not ED can occur as a result of an enlarged prostate. This happens when there is a build-up of semen inside the prostate. This causes bacteria to grow and also causes swelling and inflammation (prostatitis). A swollen prostate can cause other issues too including erectile and urinary problems both which cause huge discomfort to your health and sex life.

However, by using a prostate massager this problem can be overcome. Described by many as the male equivalent to the G-Spot, it is the size of a walnut which stores semen. It is located just below the bladder. The prostate can be stimulated externally through pressure against the perineum and internally via the rectum. When stimulated via the anus the sensation is more direct and enjoyable giving sexual pleasure to both people.

Massaging the prostate will produce better powerful and multiple orgasms as well as intense ejaculation. Once a male experiences this type of orgasm any stagnant fluid that causes pain and swelling is flushed out of the system. The risk of developing prostate cancer is also reduced.

A prostate massage can be performed in one of two ways to stimulate the prostate. Either inserting a finger into the rectum pointing upwards but be warned this is uncomfortable and ban be difficult to maintain. The preferred way is to use a prostate massager as this will stimulate the prostate gland comfortably. They can do this themselves or with a partner.

Prostate massagers are available in a variety of designs all offering different functions. A prostate massager can be created in silicone, glass or metal and each has a different level of comfort. The popular choice is silicone as it is gentler on the skin and in the genital areas. Available as manual options but you can also purchase vibrating ones too which will offer different levels of sexual pleasure.

Anal beads are a collection of beads attached together which are inserted and removed at different speeds depending on the effect you wish to have. They are mainly used to enhance an orgasm.

Anal toys and vibrators are for the purpose of stimulating this nerve rich area. Vibrations are given off at different intensity levels, the man can control the depth of sensation he wants to feel. Some anal vibrators have a variety of vibration speed and different vibration patterns so you can experience different sensations and choose what works for you if you feel brave enough to venture into anal play.

Is it hygienic to use anal toys?

When choosing sex toys always go for the high end manufactured toys which have been crafted from body safe silicone. It is also safe to use glass or metallic crafted sex toys as these are non-porous and easy to clean. Sex toys which are manufactured form jelly, rubber or latex are not easy to clean and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. If hygiene causes a concern then you can always place a condom over the sex toy.

All anal toys are specifically designed with a ridge at the base to prevent them from being inserted too far into the anus. Ensure your product is clean one it has been used. Always use a good anti-bacterial toy cleaning spray.

Do I need to use lubricants?

When used with the correct lubricant, sex toys will be more pleasurable by the user and the receiver. Organic lubricants are good for glass, silicone or metal toys as they don’t leave a residue, smell and have no taste.

When looking at buying lubricants make sure you look at the ingredients contained in the product. Avoid parabens, petroleum-based ingredients (found in petroleum jelly), glycerine and glucose, as these can promote yeast infections, deprive the skin of the oxygen it needs and some have even been linked to greater cancer risks.

If you suffer from ED then incorporating sex toys into your sex life can enhance it and spice it up. They will help you overcome the symptoms you are experiencing and when combined with medication, sex toys for men can drastically improve the outcome of sex. They also increase your sexual health and pleasure but more importantly introduce and enable you to enjoy sexual intimacy with yourself or partner.