Male Sexual Enhancement – The Basics

No matter how many videos created on the subject the main question asked from our males is always the same. Whether it’s asking about pills, creams, topical ointments, intimate accessories or natural ways of obtaining results, every inquiry leads back to “is there anything I can use or take to help me get hard/last longer/make me bigger/give me a harder erection/help please my partner?”, which is usually followed by “you know, one that really works…”

Being that those are such loaded questions I thought I’d finally answer in a series of articles that covers a large variety of options and products available that hits on all the basics.

Before I go into the various products and natural methods available to you, I thought it best to provide some insight on the way the body functions during arousal, that way you’ll be able to fully understand how the male body works, how each option applies, and in the process possibly find one that best fits your needs.

A Bit About Erectile Dysfunction

The penis becomes erect due to the flow of blood that’s directed to it during the first stage of arousal and continues growing in intensity during the second. For some men this will be something that happens quickly and easily with little provocation, while others may find it’s a slow and difficult process.

For some achieving an erection won’t be the issue, instead maintaining one will prove to be the challenge. No matter how hard they try or the stimulation they receive – whether it’s visual or physical – their member is just going to go flaccid in the heat of the moment, leaving them feeling frustrated, embarrassed, angry and disappointed.

Common Sexual Problems And Dysfunction

Whether you find yourself relating to the first or second paragraph doesn’t really matter. What matters is realizing it happens to men of all ages – from teens to 30 somethings and older – gay, straight, bi, black, white or otherwise and isn’t anything to be ashamed, embarrassed or humiliated by. It’s normal, natural and to be expected from time to time. So normal in fact that over 18 million men aged 20 and over have had issues when it came to erectile dysfunction (study published in the February 1, 2007, issue of the American Journal of Medicine). Having said that, you’re definitely not alone.

Whether it’s minimal, moderate or severe erection problems your dealing with, it’s important to note many things could be the possible cause including, but not limited to

physiological reasons (i.e. too much alcohol, medicine, drugs, smoking)
psychological reasons (i.e. performance anxiety, anger, exhaustion, stress, depression)
illness (i.e. heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and other circulatory problems)
a poor choice in diet (i.e. fatty, sugary or processed foods)
an overall lack of physical fitness.

Regardless of the type of erectile difficulties you’re facing I do suggest speaking with a professional just to make sure a serious underlying health condition isn’t the cause.

Natural Methods to Enhance your Penis

Taking all of that into consideration there are things you can do, outside of buying a product or popping a pill, that are worth trying.

Depending on your lifestyle you might want to make some changes in your diet and/or the chemicals you put in your body. If you’re used to eating a diet that’s heavy in fats or are a smoker (or take other recreational substances – read ‘drugs’) you might want to start eating a lean, low-fat, high-fiber diet and nip the fun stuff in the bud (pun intended).  If you love honey why not check out our guide to how this sweet nectar can boost your sex life: Love Honey? How to Sweeten Your Sex Life!

Since exercise is known to boost levels of HDL cholesterol (the good kind) you might want to get some exercise into your routine, not only will it possibly help you feel better (yay for endorphins!) but it’ll also help get the blood flowing, something that’s very important when it comes to erections.

Try not to stress or worry too much. I know that may seem a little silly or obvious, but many people fail to realize the impact their mental state has on their level of arousal, as well as maintaining it.

Lastly, take the time you need to become aroused and try not to rush things. Very often people just jump into bed without investing time in foreplay, in process often also limiting the level of arousal they’re experiencing – part of achieving an erection is being aroused, if you don’t take the time it may just have an effect.

Male Sexual Enhancement Products

Maybe it’s just me but the term ‘male sexual enhancement products’ seems pretty straight forward, but for those of you still on a learning curve – they’re products designed to aid in enhancing the sexual experience of the male using them.

Like many other intimate accessories they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, materials, methods of application and work in different ways. Whether you like the feeling of something that cools, warms, desensitizes (numbs) or tingles, there’s a range of options available. Not to mention products that work by drawing more blood to the area being stimulated (usually the penis) or limiting the flow of blood from the area and helping to maintain it’s firmness. Basically put, in the world of male sexual enhancement, there’s definitely lots to choose from.

In an attempt to help you deal with the issues listed above, while also providing a little bit of pleasure, I’ve listed a multitude of male sexual enhancement products within the different parts of this series. Hopefully between the information presented here and the mini product reviews you’ll be able to find a product, or mixture of products, that will work for you and your specific needs and wants. For more products that can help please check out our selection of male sex toys here.

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