Which Fleshlight? – A Buyer’s Guide

Fleshlights – what are they?

OK, so where do we start! What is a Fleshlight? Look at the picture here, it’s one of those beauties, and these award winning, top of the range male masturbators come in all different sizes, textures and orifices, which can make choosing one pretty confusing. That’s why we’re here!

You may have heard about Fleshlight products before. But if you have not then you will want to. Fleshlight masturbation products have become the NO.1 male sex toys on the market. Designed and manufactured just for you men. Each Fleshlight brings something different so you are sure you will find the perfect sex toy for you. One of the biggest selling points is the superskin real feel materials in which it’s made by.

Designed to give the ultimate realistic sensation of a real vagina or anus. Each product also varies in different textured sleeves, so you can choose from bumped, ridged or smoothed. When you place the Fleshlight under warm running water it enhances the realistic feel giving more pleasure.

Another great feature is the selection of Fleshlight Girls: Moulded from famous porn stars so you can get closer to your fantasies. Once you have enjoyed your new sex toy and screwed the lid back on it looks just like a flashlight so no one needs to know what it is. Perfect.

TECHNICAL INFO ALERT: The Fleshlight is  made of medical and food grade, phthalate-free polymers.  According to the Fleshlight website, the insert material is called “Real Feel Superskin” and is not made from latex, plastic, or silicone. And it feels Great!

Why is the Fleshlight so popular? Because it’s the closest you’re going to get to a real pussy (excluding real pussy). Replicating the soft, velvety texture of a woman’s vagina, these toys, when properly lubed-up, are explosive!  Over 4 million sales worldwide! They’re doing something right, aren’t they. In fact, the Fleshlight is the world’s best selling male sex toy and has developed a genre all it’s own. There’s also an adjustable cap at the bottom of the fleshlight casing to enable you to choose the suction.

How do I choose the right Fleshlight? Good question! There are so many varieties out there right now (which we’ll look at soon) it can become mind-boggling, and you really want to choose the right Fleshlight for your needs, so here’s how we’ll do it...



Fleshlight Orifices & Textures Guide


Penis Size Really Does Matter!

Well, your Fleshlight isn’t going to complain if you’re too small, or can’t last more than ten minutes, but  you need to match your penis size to the right toy.  If you choose a Fleshlight that’s too wide in diameter or too long you’re going to miss out on a great majority of the sensations possible with this sex toy. So get your cock out, measure yourself up (length and girth in inches) and keep a mental note if you haven’t already (you probably have – many times). While you’re doing that…

FLESHLIGHT FACT: The Fleshlight was designed by former police officer Steve Shubin who was suffering a period of forced abstinence while his wife was in a high-risk pregnancy. He was granted a patent in 1998 for his invention, as a “device for discreet sperm collection”.

Fleshlight Go Lady Stamina Training Unit

All Holes Covered!

Okay, the Fleshlight range is ever increasing (I mean, they’re  even making Alien pussies right now) but I don’t want to start confusing you, so let’s cover the basics:-

Fleshlight have all the important holes covered: the vagina, the butt and the mouth. There is a stamina training unit, too, but we’ll cover that later!  How do you choose? Easy! What is your favourite hole? I’m assuming you’re going to buy one Fleshlight to begin with, so make your orifice choice. But that’s not all! Fleshlight also have a variety of different internal textures and sizes on offer, not to mention the new, popular range of Fleshlight Girls, which are Fleshlights moulded from real porn stars’ pussies. So much choice!

Fleshlight Flight Commander Masturbator

What about the price?

Cheap as chips for what you get. Prices vary depending on which model you buy. You’d expect to pay around £50 (for the sex-in-a-can range). Slightly more expensive for the original range, through to £60-70 for the all new Fleshlight Girls range. There are some great deals out there so  browse in at least 3-4 online  sex toy shops before making your final choice. To sum up: you’re going to pay a very fair price for the quality you’ll receive and, with the correct care, your Fleshlight should last  for years!

I’ve catalogued each fleshlight on offer at present. All you need to do follow the Fleshlight Range link below, which will offer you recommendations on model (including popularity), texture and sizing info. When you’ve done that, don’t forget to check out all the other Fleshlight-related articles written to help you get the most out of your experience. Trust me – if you have a cock you should have a Fleshlight! Happy FLights! (a ‘FLight is a term used by Fleshlight lovers to describe the Fleshlight experience).

Abella Danger Fleshlight Girls

Check out the Fleshlight Range here at Ododi.com