Great Sex Exercises

Exercise is the essential element in physical health. Once an exercise program is started the individual is on the way to complete mental, physical and spiritual health. Muscle is created out of fat (physical), blood pressure and cholesterol levels drop (physical) as endorphins flood the body (mental) providing a sense of well-being (spiritual). Once a minimum level of physical health is gained through exercise, the sexual aspect of life can be examined.


Many forms of exercise repeated at a minimum of three times a week can suffice; swimming, walking, running, tennis, basketball, golf when carrying your golf bag. The simple walk taken with a sexual partner can exercise the body and help to create a better relationship and can also help combat erectile dysfunction in men.

Yoga, pilates, and athletic stretching, while not exercises, can help to create a supple, toned body and to center the mind (spiritual) all these can contribute to a healthy sex life. There is a bonus gained in strengthening the pelvic muscles. These simple tightening exercises can lead to stronger erections and intense orgasms. To exercise these muscles located between the anus and the urinary sphincter simply squeeze and tighten the muscles for ten seconds at a time and then repeat 10-20 times each day. No one will know when you are doing this exercise, but the results will be rapidly apparent.

Exercise will increase the blood flow everywhere in the body including the sexual area causing better erections and a fuller look to the penis and help boost your libido and sex drive.

The following are a series of exercises that directly impact sexual activity.

Yoga Yoga asanas (positions) in which the leg and pelvic area receive attention will allow for more supple sexual positions without the tightening of muscles and pain.

Push-Ups and Sit-Ups Push-ups and sit-ups tone and strengthen the abdomen, shoulders, and chest. Good not only for sexual activities but to give you a body worthy of sexual attention.

Pelvic Lifts With your back on the floor and knees bent raise your trunk and hold for 10 seconds. Pelvic Bounces Instead of holding the Pelvic Lift for 10 seconds, lower your trunk to the floor and allow it to bounce in a gentle rhythmic sequence. Sex Therapists, David and Ellen Ramsdale feel that this exercise can release a flood of sexual feelings.

The Butterfly Another popular yoga position. Sit on the floor, splay your feet out and then draw your feet toward your buttocks, if possible bring the two feet together, sole to sole. Hold this position but as in all yoga do not proceed if there is any resistance or pain.

Exercise is often the missing ingredient for complete health as we age. Turning our backs on exercise often means having a limited, unenjoyable sex life. Making time to exercise is as necessary as eating.

To live a full life everyone should exercise, and by combining the above exercises centering on sexual muscles the body will perform in the bedroom as well as it looks in the living room.

Getting Fit From Sex