Getting Fit From Sex

Getting Fit From Sex

If going to the gym, performing aerobics, or running around the neighbourhood fills you with dread, how about losing weight and toning up by indulging in some sexercise?

Here are our top five sex positions to assist you in accomplishing your goal.

Doggy Style

The energetic thrusting posture, which is often a girl’s favourite, will raise his heart rate while strengthening her core as she tightens her abs as her arms support her upper body.

Reverse Cowgirl

The conventional cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are both great for exercising the calves, glutes, and quadriceps.
The reverse will tone your abs and strengthen your core more than the usual, as well as leave you breathless from the excellent aerobic training.


While the male is sitting erect, the woman sits on top of him and wraps her legs around his waist.
The lotus stance fosters closeness by requiring her to expend a significant deal of energy and strength in order to maintain a constant beat, which raises her heart rate and burns calories.


This excellent position will force the guy to utilise his arms to support his partner’s weight, his core muscles will be pushed hard as he maintains his posture, and she will require good arm and leg strength to lock her close to him.
Allow her to lessen her weight by putting one leg on the bed to ease herself into this position.


He’s lying on his back with a foot on either side of his hips, unquestionably one of the greatest.
Use your leg muscles to crouch down on him with his penis nice and hard for an excellent ride.
If you become tired easily, don’t be discouraged; half the enjoyment is attempting to better your performance the next time!

Now go take a relaxing shower together and relax while browsing our selection of sex toys and experiment a bit.