Which Toy? Ododi’s Guide to Vibrators

When you think about sex toys you probably automatically think ‘vibrators’. They are certainly the most popular sex toy and there is no surprise considering the earth shattering orgasms that a vibrator can produce! Choosing the right vibrator however, can be a bit of a pain when there are so may different types to choose from and it is important for you to know which vibrator will suit your needs.

If you are new to the world of vibrators then the first thing to realise is that they are designed as ‘novelties’ and as such are not expected to be durable products that will last for yars and years. Don’t forget that vibrators do get a lot of use and the very nature of their purpose means that they aren’t exactly going to be handled lightly!!. Some vibrators to have warranties but for the most part, unless you don’t intend to use your vibrator often then you will be lucky to have one vibrator for life. The more expensive vibrators like the G Twist do have more robust designs and they are manufactured to last longer. As with all your products good care will help prolong the life of your vibrator – keep it in a dust-free place and remember to remove the batteries because batteries can leak and this is a sure-fire way of damaging your vibrator.

Powering Up Your Vibrator

The way you power up your vibrator does have a bearing on the type of vibrator you should choose. Do you want to just switch on and go? do you prefer to vary the speed and the power of the vibrations? Have you thought about getting a remote-controlled model so you can relinquish control to your partner? How about an electric or 9v vibrator for extra powerful vibrations? If you are looking for something specific then you might find this information useful.

Simple Base Control Vibrators

Straightforward, classic vibrators, such as rockets and slimlines like the Sonic Whisper, have simple switching mechanisms, usually by turning the base. the obvious benefit of this is simplicity – simply ‘switch ang go’!! The downside though is that with some of these vibrators you have no control of the rhythm or power of the vibration.

Complex Base Control Vibrators

There are vibrators that offer a ton of extra features and offer different levels of vibration via controls on the base of the vibrator. Perfect if you want to vary the rhythm and the power of the vibrations. Examples of this kind of vibrator are Tera Patricks Butterfly and Eclipse Ultra 7 Beaver.

Hand-Pack Controller Vibrators

The hand-held control pack, connected to the vibrator by a cord, enables the user to easily control the speed of the vibrator during play. This type of vibe is preferred by those who like to use their free hand to control the vibrations – see the Curved Pleasure Me Vibee as an example.

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators are perfect when you want your partner to get in on the act or if you want to pleasure yourself while at work or ant other place you care to mention. Remote control vibrators are not usually dildo shaped but usually come in bullet sizes, such as The Oyster, for discreet use. These vibrators do tend to be a bit more pricey due to the technology involved but if you want a vibrator that gives an added dimension to having fun then the they are well worth paying for.


Electric vibrators, usually designed to look like massagers are used primarily for clitoral stimulation. They are extremely powerful and for obvious reasons are very popular. The Hitachi Magic Wand is perhaps one of the most famous vibrators around. Originally designed as a body massager, it’s other benefits were quickly discovered and has become the massager of choice for those who enjoy intense clitoral stimulation. Electrical vibrators obviously need to be plugged in and this may be viewed as a disadvantage as they are not as mobile as battery powered vibrators. On the flip side of the coin however, you will never need to replace the batteries and just think of the power!!

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