Which Toy? Ododi’s Guide to Anal Vibrators

There are a lot of people who don’t like the idea of anal play or penetration but this is slowly changing due to the intense stimulation that can be caused by the sensitive nerve endings found in the anus. Whether you enjoy light or deep penetration, slim or thick girth, or a nice, vibrating buzz, remember to select a smooth, seamless anal vibrator, one with a flared or larger base. You don’t want your anal sex toy to get lost in your rectum!

Three additional things are critical for safe use of anal vibrators: communication, relaxation, and lots and lots of lubrication. Unlike a woman’s vagina, the anal canal doesn’t produce any sort of lubrication. The last thing you want to experience during anal play is the sharp, shooting pains that can accompany the insertion of a dry anal vibrator. Take it slow, be gentle, and respect your partner’s boundaries.

Anal vibrators can look very weird due the shape required to provide maximum stimulation to the anus: anal vibrators can be oblong, bulbous, knobby, spiky and pliant. A titillating combination of vibrator and butt plug, anal vibrators can have variable speeds, internal or external power supplies, and fancy features — just like other vibrators. Use an anal vibrator like the Vibrating Feeldoe or the Tantus Clover if you enjoy the sensation of fullness and pulsation — a wickedly delicious duo!

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