Female Masturbation Tips for Beginners

female masturbation tips

Female Masturbation tips

Masturbation is a personal thing. It’s a great way of learning what works for you and what excites you the most. There are loads of different ways of self-pleasuring for women, here are a few of the top favourite tips that will help you to make yourself come, over and over again.

Fantastic Fingers

Many women use their fingers to masturbate. Find a comfortable position, or a new one if you’re a bit bored of your usual method, then begin to caress your vulva. Open up your lips and find the clitoris with your index finger, stimulating it in an up and down motion and gradually work up to firmer circular movements.

Play around with the rhythm and level of pressure until you find the ones that result in those toe curling sensations and keep going until your orgasm erupts. Stroking, flicking, tapping, rubbing, pinching, squeezing, inserting…fingers are wonderfully versatile.

Inserting Objects

There are so many sex toys available for women, we really are spoilt for choice. Many of the sex toys focus on clitoral stimulation but if you love the feeling of something inside you then we recommend trying a vibrator or experimenting with a dildo. You may be tempted by reaching for something in the home but you do need to be careful.

Sex toys are made from safe materials and designed to pleasure and not cause any internal damage. Pick a toy that doesn’t intimidate you and experiment inserting it into your vagina to access parts of you that your fingers just can’t reach.

Use your fingers or a vibrating toy on your clitoris if you find it difficult to come by inserting your toy alone. Many women find the combination works best, but it’s completely down to personal preference. Your only job is to find out what works for you.

Dildo sex toys are pictured during the 14th “Venus” erotic fair in Berlin October 21, 2010. The event, which represents the erotic business in the German capital, is open until October 24. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch (GERMANY – Tags: ENTERTAINMENT SOCIETY) TEMPLATE OUT

Relax and Enjoy

Remember that masturbation is completely natural and a healthy activity that many women enjoy on a regular basis. Let yourself relax and stay calm to increase the ease of reaching an orgasm.

Don’t put pressure on yourself or begin using sex toys that you’re not ready for. Go slowly, give yourself plenty of time to explore your body and learn how to bring yourself to clitoral and vaginal orgasms using different techniques and sex toys. Finally, remember that it’s okay if you play with yourself and not reach an orgasm, provided you allow yourself to savour the time you have with your body.