Standard and Classic Vibrators

Classic vibrators still remain the most popular of sex toys due to their resemblance to the penis. There are many of these types of vibrator that look and feel realistic such as the Natural Heavy Vein Dong and Jeff Stryker Vibrating Penis. Others look nothing like the male member.

Vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. However, they all have one thing in common: they were made to vibrate and penetrate.

Classic Vibes with a Classic Sex Toy

When considering a traditional vibrator as your next sex toy, think about what sort you might want. Some people (especially those looking to buy their first vibrator) prefer the simple smooth and sleek vibrator such as the Doc Johnson Velvet Vibe. Others prefer a vibrator that feels and looks more realistic. Some people like the small traditional vibrators and others like to use huge vibrators.

It’s all down to preference. If you want to know which size works best for you then try experimenting with different sized vegetables to find the size you are most comfortable with; just remember to was your veggie of choice before serving it up at the dinner table!!! When you have found your size you can browse through the different types of vibrators sold here at Ododi.

We have tried to include sizes with all our vibrators but if we have missed one out please email us and we will be happy to provide you with the dimensions of any product. If you’re not comfortable with the vegetarian approach, you may have to let trial and error determine your acceptable girth and start off with the cheaper vibrators.

Traditional vibes are available in a variety of different styles, most of which can be categorized into the following groups:

* Slimline Vibrators: Also known as “smoothies,” these more traditional units are mainly manufactured from plastic. A favourite with novices, slimline vibes can cause powerful orgasms through internal and clitoral stimulation. The frictionless exterior makes slimline vibes unsuitable for thrusting motions, but the gentle internal pressure is relaxing and steady and provides pleasurable stimulation.
* Realistic Vibrators: These units resemble the real thing: veins, testicles and all. Internally powered by batteries, these vibes are perfect for those who love powerful realistic stimulation.
* Contoured Vibrators: These discreet units resemble anything but the male member. Ergonomically designed to fit the female body, these smooth, plastic vibrators have a slight hourglass shape to reach the G Spot.
* Rabbit Vibrators: These vibrators were made famous by Sex and the City and have become the most popular vibrators due to their combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation.
* G Spot Vibrators: Does just what it says on the tin. G Spot vibrators are usually contoured with a curved tip to enable precise stimulation of the g-spot
* Vibrator Sleeves: Made to slip over slimline vibrators, sleeves are made from silicone, Cyberskin TM, jelly or rubber. Sleeves can resemble anything from penises to studded cucumbers to little bunnies, and produce an enticing and versatile array of sensations.

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