Silicone Vibrators

A lot of us care what we eat and take care of our bodies, so it makes sense that we should care about the type of materials used in the production of vibrators and sex toys. More and more we get requests from our customers and queries about silicone vibrators such as the Fun Factory and Tantus range of vibrators and they will soon start to strike a chord with many more women (and men) buyers. For any woman or man who has experienced an allergic reaction to latex/rubber – a silicone vibrator really is the answer.

Silicone vibrators are so user friendly it feels like velvet, and there’s no chemical smell that some vibrators and sex toys have. Because silicone is a completely non-porous material, your silicone vibrator can be thoroughly cleaned with simple soap and water, making sure you protect the battery mechanism. Silicone vibrators can even be boiled clean, so if you share your toy this is by far the best material to have!

One word of caution – do not use a silicone lubricant with your silicone vibrator as it will cause friction damage to your vibrator and the material will no longer be as smooth and velvety as it should be.

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