What are Petroleum-based Lubricants?

Petroleum-based Lubes are often used for anal play. Anal lubricant such as Anal Eaze and Boi Toyz Desensitising should really only be used with non-latex anal toys or for male masturbation as they are petroleum based and can damage materials such as latex. These lubricants are great for anal play because they’re generally thicker than other types of lubricant, making entry easier and many of them also contain desensitizers for those who wish for more comfort.

Do not use a petroleum-based lubricants with anything made of latex -– sex toys, condoms, or other products -– as the petroleum will destroy the latex on contact. Anal lubricant also tends to irritate a woman’s vagina, so we don’t recommended anal lubricant for intercourse or for use with any sort of vibrator or dildo intended for vaginal penetration.