Beginners Guide to Chastity and Orgasm Denial

Chastity and Orgasm Denial:

So you’re interested in learning more about chastity and orgasm denial?
Perhaps you’re puzzled as to why some of us get our kicks by depriving others the pinnacle of pleasure, or how it is that for some, NOT having an orgasm is exactly what they seek, and being confined to chastity is their concept of bliss?

Maybe you’ve tried orgasm suppression before and are looking for new ways to hinder an orgasm.
You’ve arrived to the right location.
Take a seat, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s get started.


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Why do people enjoy chastity and orgasm denial?

There are a plethora of responses to this question.
There is no “one size fits all” answer when it comes to sexuality, but for those who prefer this type of play, orgasm withholding and chastity is a fantasy, a fetish, or a lifelong decision.
The power dynamic associated with orgasm deprivation is appealing to some couples.
For the sake of simplicity, I’ll refer to the partner in charge of the other’s enjoyment as the dominant.
By relinquishing control, the submissive partner might be turned on.
Denial, according to some dominants and submissives, helps the submissive focus their attention, boosting their desire for connection, tenderness, and surrender.
While this may be the motivating factor for some, it is important to distinguish between surrender and orgasm withholding.
You can’t’make’ someone subordinate by orgasm deprivation if they aren’t naturally or desirefully submissive.
D/s (Dominant/submissive) partnerships, likewise, do not necessitate orgasm suppression in order to be “The One True Way.”

You don’t have to be submissive, dominating, or even in a BDSM relationship to enjoy orgasm withholding.
The fun may be in the tease for some lovers.
One of the most popular chastity devices for males is a cock cage There can’t be anything sexier than teasing your partner for hours, even days, knowing that they’re desperate turned on and ready to explode, and keeping them in this heightened state of arousal for a while, knowing that when they finally climax, it’ll be all the more intense, satisfying, and rewarding for both of you.
Every touch feels considerably more intense during that moment of teasing, and every idea gets the blood pounding.
Many people find it amusing to be taunted.
Some people only enjoy it for a few hours before negative frustration sets in, while others delight in teasing for days, months, and even years.
There is no such thing as a correct or incorrect way to play.
Only do what makes you and your partner happy.
Chastity and orgasm avoidance can also be a way of life.
For example, according to Taoist ideology, men should restrain their ejaculate in order to revitalise and fortify themselves.


Power Play: Combining Chastity and Strap-On Sex

How can I experience orgasm denial?

If you want to enjoy your desires with your partner, you must communicate them to him or her, just as you would with any other desire.
You can grow together if you are comfortable discussing honestly about your fantasies.
However, you should never impose your desires on others.
You must respect your partner’s decision if he or she is not interested.

Experimenting together with teasing and edging is a terrific approach to integrate orgasm suppression into your relationship.
Instead of engaging in sexual activity with climax as the primary aim, the trip has become the focal point.
You can play around with various techniques to tease your lover until their excitement levels skyrocket, then reduce the stimulation, allowing their arousal to rise and fall like a wave until they can no longer take it.
If your partner craves orgasm denial and understands what they’re getting themselves into, you can go even further and deny them that final release. However, keep in mind that orgasm denial can elicit strong emotions, and if your partner is new to this type of play, jumping right in could be too intense.
I recommend that you don’t create any rules at first and instead experiment with each other until you find the most appropriate kind of denial for you.


Sex Toys and Methods of orgasm denial:



Edging, as the name implies, is the act of pushing yourself or your partner to the edge of orgasm, just before control is lost, and then turning off the sex toy or ending all stimulation.
The sensation of impending orgasm will disappear if you time it correctly, and orgasm will not occur.
Edging can be quite intense, and it takes some experience to perfect, but once you become aware of your personal point of no return (the point at which you have lost control and are unable to stop the orgasm), it becomes simpler to know when to halt all stimulation.
Accidents do happen, of course.
Edging your spouse in sessions over a period of days, weeks, or months can leave them feeling continually aroused, frustrated, and in need of a release.


Ruined orgasm:

A ruined orgasm, as the name implies, is an unpleasant orgasm that occurs when you push yourself or your partner just a smidgeon past the point of no return, then stop all stimulation or induce discomfort (see “How to spoil an orgasm” below).
Full orgasms feel more intense and satisfying than ruined orgasms.
There will often be fewer, if any, orgasmic contractions, and the orgasmic sensations will be faint and fleeting.
Men can still ejaculate sperm, but it usually dribbles or oozes out instead of squirting.
The victim of a ruined orgasm will frequently enter their refractory period, which is the recovery phase generally associated with a normal orgasm, during which the penis, or clitoris, becomes too sensitive to touch and men may lose their erection.
It may be feasible to resume stimulation after a wrecked orgasm in some situations, allowing you to continue and build towards orgasm once more.
As a result, you can offer your spouse multiple botched orgasms in a single session.
Ruined orgasms leave your subject feeling dissatisfied and are frequently utilised by a Dominant to milk a submissive guy by allowing him to release semen without the joy of climax.

How can I ruin an orgasm?

Physical ways to ruin an orgasm:

One of the simplest and safest ways to create an unsatisfactory, weak orgasm with minimal muscular spasms is to stop all stimulation just when your submissive reaches the ‘point of no return.’
The difficult thing is determining when to quit stimulating.
If you come to a complete stop too soon, your companion will ride the edge but will not fall over.
Even worse (for those of us seeking to deny pleasure), stimulating your spouse for a few seconds longer than necessary will allow them to have a more satisfying orgasm than you intended.
You can use this approach to ruin an orgasm by asking your partner to tell you when they are on the verge of passing out.
With one or two more strokes, you can either hold them there or push them over.
This strategy is excellent for getting started, but it may not be the best option if you don’t want your partner to be in charge.
Because they crave the orgasm, some sneaky sub may allow you to continue stimulation for a few seconds longer than necessary.
You will become a master at interpreting your partner’s verbal and physical clues that indicate climax is near with practise, allowing you to fully control the situation.

Another technique to sabotage an orgasm is to inflict pain.
(Before you try these strategies, make sure you talk to your partner and get their permission.)
Slapping or flicking the clitoris, penis glans, or testicles is not only surprising, but also unpleasant, and if done at the point of no return, it can effectively destroy an orgasm in most people.
Simply make sure you smack hard enough to create some discomfort; otherwise, you’re just messing around with it, and we don’t want that, do we?
It’s also worth remembering that for some people, pain IS pleasure, and if they prefer genital pain in general, this strategy could result in an extremely pleasurable climax.

Restricting the release of his sperm might be inconvenient for some individuals, as it can impair his orgasm.
(It should not be uncomfortable.)
Squeezing the penis at the base, or just beneath the glans, or inserting your finger or thumb over his urethra at the point of no return, thus preventing the flow of semen, can be used to ruin his orgasm.
Continue to hold until all muscle contractions and spasms have stopped, as well as the orgasmic sensations.
A tiny amount of semen may flow from his penis when you withdraw your hand or finger, while part of the semen may have gone into the bladder (Retrograde ejaculation). The semen is passed out when he urinates, which may cause his urine to seem cloudy.
Whether or not inducing retrograde ejaculation is safe is a matter of debate.
I’ve seen articles from some experts who say it won’t cause any issues and others who think it might.
Because I am not a doctor, you should conduct your own research and determine whether or not this activity is safe for you or your partner.


Psychological ways to deny orgasm:

You can also conduct a variety of mental games to effectively deny your partner an orgasm or make them reconsider cheating.
(Secretly masturbating to orgasm) But now we’re getting into the realms of psychological play, and it’s critical that you communicate properly and that you’re on board with this form of play.
It goes without saying that if any of you is upset, the game will cease.
At all times, communicate.

Instilling an idea, or a threat, that will make your spouse WANT to hold back their climax is one of the most gratifying ways (in my opinion) to deny your mate an orgasm.
Your partner will then do your bidding for you.
It’ll be a lot of fun since they’ll be continually in a state of upheaval.
On the one hand, they crave climax, but they also recognise that there will be a cost, or a penalty, if they do so.
It’s stunning.
Bribery, promises, and challenges are among more methods for denying orgasm.
Some of the following suggestions may work well for one person but not for another, therefore I propose adapting them to your own preferences and levels of acceptance, or coming up with your own suggestions.


Some tease and denial ideas to get you started:

Dice can be used in a variety of games.
Each number on the dice could be assigned a meaning.
A three could indicate that they must edge three times before stopping for the day.
A five may mean no contact at all, while a four could mean they can have an orgasm.
Every day before you play, simply roll it.
If you want to be more creative while limiting their odds of orgasm, I propose getting two dice.
This game can also be played with a deck of cards.

Allow your partner to orgasm, but only with specific stimulation, such as a feather or hunching the arm of a chair.
Just keep in mind that with a highly aroused partner, they could be able to pull it off.
Set a time limit for them, and if the stimulation (or time) is insufficient, it will result in a frustrating attempt or even a wrecked orgasm on their part.

You could use a timer to allow your spouse to orgasm, but only if they do so within a certain length of time.
(Count down the seconds or minutes aloud every now and then to increase the strain and break their concentration.)
Allow them to “earn” time during the week for good actions or accomplished activities, or allow them to “earn” 30 seconds or 1 minute per day that passes and pick when to cash in their time.
They’ll want to make sure they’ve saved up enough time, so they’ll be depriving themselves.

Tell your spouse that they can’t do anything with their genitals until they’ve given you X number of orgasms.
Just keep in mind that the higher the count, the longer they will wait and the more eager they will be to please you.

Are you looking for additional inspiration?

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Important things to remember:

For those who prefer playing this manner, orgasm suppression and chastity can be a lot of pleasure.
There is no “One True Way” in sexuality, and anyone who claims there is is spouting nonsense.
If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.
It’s as simple as that, so if Person X says you’re not “really” into orgasm denial (or any other facet of your sexuality) because your standards don’t match theirs, ignore them and be yourself.
The most crucial factor is to have a good time.

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