How To Keep Your Sex Toys Clean

Keep Your Sex Toys Clean

Whether it’s your favourite vibe, fleshlight, or butt plug, they all need to be cleaned after use. What’s the best method to maintain them in tip-top shape while avoiding harmful bacteria that could make you sick?

This tutorial will show you how to clean them as well as where to store them.

How to clean your sex toy.

Sex toys are made of a number of materials, including plastic, glass, silicone, aluminium, and PVC, and each requires different care depending on the shape and texture. With the exception of vibrators and Fleshlights, most sex toys can be cleaned using the same way.
Take, for example, a standard silicone dildo. Apply a generous amount of antibacterial sex toy cleanser, let for a few minutes, then rinse under warm water or massage off any residue with your hand or a soft cloth while submerged in warm water.

If you’re cleaning anal toys , you should use a PH neutral or antibacterial soap to get a more thorough clean, which will prevent irritation the next time you use it.

How to clean your vibrator

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cock ring, rabbit or buttplug if it is a vibrator of any kind, you should clean it with a little extra care, but if it’s entirely waterproof, follow the cleaning instructions above.

If the battery compartment is not waterproof, remove the batteries and replace it tightly. Apply a generous amount of sex toy cleaner and leave for a few minutes before rinsing with a LITTLE warm water. Allowing water to soak into the battery compartment will severely destroy your toy. Allow it to dry completely before replacing the batteries.

How to clean your male masturbator or Fleshlight


Clean the Fleshlight as quickly as possible after each use to avoid long-term harm.  Spray the outside and entry hole of the masturbator with a generous amount of sex toy cleaning if there isn’t a hard case.
Allow for a few minutes before thoroughly rinsing with warm water. Remove the outer casing and clean it separately before cleaning the inside sleeve as described above and leaving it to air dry. To retain the real-feel texture, add the Fleshlight Renewing Powder to the inside and top of the sleeve.

To restore that silky, realistic skin texture, apply a thin layer of Fleshlight Renewing Powder to the top and inside of your toy once it has dried.


Storage of Sex Toys

The simple guideline is to never store your sex toys next to each other, since this may cause them to mould together and cause damage.