Why Using An Escort Can Be a Positive Experience

They say you can’t buy love and that may be true but what if you don’t want to? What if you just want primal, physical enjoyment and you’re willing to put a price on that experience?

Escorts are individuals who offer up their time in exchange for money. What is done with that time is up to the individual who pays and the escort who has offered their time and services. The details of this and the boundaries in place are set first and foremost by the escort and are then made to suit the service user. Often the time together can be spent sexually.

You might wonder why anyone would use an escort. The stigma against these awesome entrepreneurial individuals is certainly large and almost completely unfair. After all, we wouldn’t vilify any other type of service that involves engagement with individuals one-on-one (personal trainer) or the gratification of the senses (restaurants or massage) but, when it comes to sex, suddenly there’s a barrier and a clash of attitudes that veers on the negative.

Well, boo to that.

I want to focus on escorts for a while and really delve into some of the benefits, nuances and information that you need to know, starting with this article

As you can probably tell, I’m a fan of escorts being an accessible service for anyone who wishes to use them and this is for a variety of reasons. Today we’re going to start our exploration in to escorts with a few of those reasons.

#1 An Escort Will Cater To The Individual 

If you’re looking for a highly personalised experience then an escort might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Sex can often be a negotiation of needs, and it still is with an escort – if an escort is offering sexual services then there will of course be professional boundaries and negotiations but, as a whole, they are focused around your needs (especially if you selected an escort that advertised an ability to meet them).

This aspect of escorts is amazing because it allows you to freely be you without judgement or complications. That degree of self-centred care is rare in everyday life, but becomes fully accessible with an escort.

#2 There’s Honesty To It

With an escort you both know exactly why you’re there and exactly what you’re getting and you’re both fully aware of it.

There is no sense of sex being taboo, tentative, or somehow partially obscured. The situation is as honest, open and simple as it can possibly be.

This up-front approach to exchanges of a sexual nature is something that can immediately put you at ease but, further than that, it also allows you to explore sex and sexual actions in a different and more open manner than usual.

What better way to really get to know sex then to be with someone who literally encounters it on a daily basis as part of their profession?

#3 There’s No Hurt Feelings

Relationships are great but they can get messy very quickly if things go wrong. This isn’t just long term relationships either. Dating, one night stands, play dates, meet ups; they all have their drawbacks due to the emotional element and the lack of a professional boundary and exchange. That’s not to say that they aren’t rewarding but the dynamic is different.

With an escort you know exactly where you stand and it’s not a position where either of you are walking in with huge emotional uncertainties.

Sure, there are nerves at first, but those nerves are tempered through the filter of the experience and the escorts ability to help reassure you.

If you want to avoid an emotional entanglement but still value physical contact then an escort can be a very enriching individual to bring in to your life, that’s for sure.

#4 It Offers A Sexual Release 

Say you’re in a position where adult interaction isn’t accessible. I won’t delve in to reasons – there are many – but this can happen often in life.

You don’t have to be trapped in that situation, it no longer has to remain just a fantasy.

An escort offers an option for you to access any of the services that you need met.

You may feel like this isn’t the case – due to age, circumstances, or physical condition – but, trust me, there is someone out there who can offer that for you.

Sex or sexual contact isn’t a right, but it is one of the things that we as humans value, and it is very reassuring and freeing to know that you never have to be blocked off from such a wonderful and fundamental aspect of yourself.

#5 It’s Fun (And Therapeutic)

As with any person-centric, contact-based job, escorts will likely tell you that their occupation is about much more than time. It’s talking, connecting, being a support system at times, and offering the pure essentials of human support.

Sex is fun, access to sex is fun, and that’s a great part of using an escort but so, too, is being able to interact with a neutral party and share a bit of yourself with the prior benefits always in play.

Escorts are amazing and should never go undervalued, underappreciated, or without reliable and respectful business,

So, if you’ve had apprehensions or stigmas against escorts I hope this article has helped debunk them a little bit.

After all, a good escort is service at its finest.

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