Approaching Escort Hiring

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If you’ve read my last post then you’ll know that I’m dedicating a few articles to escorts – why they’re no longer taboo and can be a positive experience and some of the logistical considerations and musings that one might have around using an escort service.

Speaking of which, this article is a much more practical approach to escort hiring.

Deciding to hire an escort is really just the first step. Going about finding the right escort is something else altogether. There are many great resources for finding an escort; some direct in their approach, some indirect and more open ended. In all cases there’s a lot to consider and if you want both yourself and your companion to have a good experience then it’s important to be prepared.

Approaching escort hire with the right knowledge will help aid you in your selection and will leave you with experiences you’ll never forget (for all the right reasons). This article isn’t extensive, by any means, but it will offer you some of the most important aspects to help set you up for the best escort experience.


Research In Advance

Nowadays escorts are more accessible than ever before. The internet is an amazing resource, but there’s also still paper adverts, local word of mouth, and connections through sex parties and similar adult scenes. In order to pick out your ideal companion make sure you do your research. Look at various sites, read escort reviews, find out the process for hiring your chosen escort, etc. Never feel like you’re researching too much – there’s no such thing – and don’t settle for something that feels wrong.

Legality is also important. You’ll want to know what the rules and regulations are for your region and how to make sure that both yourself and your escort are protected under the eyes of the law.

The internet is your friend in this situation. Google Fu can go a very long way to help you get a firm basis for your options and accessibility.

Check the FAQs and Payment Methods

If you decide to use an agency then the FAQ should be one of the first places you go for all of the information you need. This is kind of like research but on a more company-specific level and will help give you the assurance that you know exactly what to expect from your escort experience, at least in terms of arrangements.

Speaking of arrangements, you’ll want to clarify the payment method for your escort in advance.

Escorts are business people and employees like anyone else. Often self-employed, to some degree, they will likely have a preferred payment method and it’s up to you to know and honour that payment method.

Don’t get in a situation where you rock up for your session with plastic and your escort prefers cash in hand. It’ll leave you both more than just empty handed.

Follow Common Escort Etiquette

Much as with any other business venture etiquette and respect are core values when meeting with your escort. Be punctual and don’t try to push for extra time, no one likes to be put behind schedule and even the most accommodating escort will likely not appreciate a big delay in their schedule. That’s not a personal slight in any way – it’s just a case of professional timing.

If you’re meeting up in a public place then treat your companion in a friendly way, as if greeting an associate that you already know. Hygiene is important as is making sure that you use all of the correct safety barriers, as per your escorts stipulations. Try to avoid drinking in advance. Not only is it an inhibition killer (this is, to some degree, a business meeting) but it also affects performance, and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Start your meeting in an amicable manner and allow your escort to lead the situation and diffuse any nerves you may have; in fact, don’t worry if you are nervous, you’ll be in the best of hands.

Don’t pressure them into anything and consider their enjoyment too. The experience will be much better if you’re both having a good time as mutual pleasure has an atmosphere all its own.

Tipping is not a necessary part of the process but if you’ve really enjoyed the service your escort provided then it could be that your escort will happily accept. Some will decline, don’t take this personally – it could be a company safeguarding policy.

Feedback can also be incredibly useful but try to be sincere and constructive. Insulting your escort if your needs are not met is a big no-go and is likely going to get you on some form of black list.

If you feel uncertain about anything in particular then check in advance via email. This will ease your mind while also reassuring your escort that you’ve been thoughtful with regards to hiring them.

Respect Your Escort

The most sincere sexual encounters come from a place of mutual respect. This is no different with escorts.

Respect is attractive, as is making it clear that you value your escort and the services they’re providing. R

Follow any boundaries that your escort has put in to place and don’t skimp on consent. If your escort asks you to slow down, reposition, or stop at any point during your session then take this as feedback to enhance your enjoyment, rather than a sign that you’re not “doing things right”. The only way you can go wrong with your escort is if you don’t interact with them with respect, dignity, and a willingness to engage with them as oppose to  anything else.

You may have hired a companion for sexual purposes but it is the person, not the sex, which makes the experience valuable.

Never forget that.

And That’s All For Now!

Hopefully you’ll feel a bit more confident now when considering your escort options. Remember, using an escort can be brilliant, but knowing what you’re paying for makes the world of difference (in any aspect of life).

I hope you enjoy any escort adventures that you engage with!

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