Can Penis Enlargement Methods Really Increase Size? What Clinical Research Shows

At Ododi, we receive many inquiries from men asking if various penis enlargement techniques actually work. There are a lot of products and procedures out there that claim to increase length or girth, ranging from pills and creams to stretching devices and surgeries. But do any of them really deliver measurable, permanent results?

As leaders in Male Sex Toys, we have extensively researched the evidence on penis enlargement methods. In this detailed guide, we share our expertise to finally answer: is there any way to increase the size of your penis?

Overview of Popular Penis Enlargement Techniques

Let’s start by listing some of the most common options men attempt for enlarging their penis:

  • Penis pumps: Vacuum constriction devices that work by drawing blood into the penis and stretching penile tissue.
  • Jelqing: Manual stretching exercises meant to expand erectile tissue.
  • Traction devices: Also called penis extenders. These are external mechanical traction devices that pull the penis for extended periods.
  • Penoplasty surgery: Surgical procedures like lengthening the suspensory ligament or injecting fat cells into the penis.
  • Grooming: Trimming pubic hair to increase visible length.
  • Pills and creams: Supplements, vitamins or topicals that claim to stimulate growth.
  • Penis Sleeve: Penis sleeves come in many sizes and styles to accommodate different lengths and girths.

Now let’s dive into the clinical evidence and real-world results for each method.

Penis Stretching: Mixed Results at Best

Techniques like jelqing, penis pumps, and traction devices rely on the principle of stretching and expanding the erectile tissue. Some limited studies show these can slightly increase length if used for many months consistently:

  • In one small study of 55 men, penis stretchers increased flaccid length by 1.3cm on average after four months of use for at least six hours per day. However, the erect length remained unchanged. [1]
  • One review of penis pump studies found an average length gain of 0.3-0.7cm over six months of use. However, the authors note the trials were poor quality. [2]
  • A study of 23 men using jelqing for three to nine months observed an average length increase of 0.5cm. But only 35% of men had any measurable improvement at all. [3]

While a gain of less than an inch may seem worthwhile to some, there are major downsides to these techniques:

  • Time commitment: Hours per day for months.
  • Discomfort and side effects: Stretching too aggressively can cause bruising, edema, and nerve damage.
  • Temporary, not permanent, gains: After stopping these routines, any extra length diminishes.
  • No change to erect size: Only the flaccid, non-erect length increases.

Considering the limited evidence and safety issues, Ododi cannot recommend penis stretching exercises or devices solely for increasing size.

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

Surgical procedures like suspensory ligament incisions or penile implants also come with big risks and disappointingly small rewards:

  • The suspensory ligament surgery only releases internal tension allowing more flaccid length to hang outside the body. The actual erect size is unchanged. [4]
  • Injecting fat cells yields extremely variable results. Over time, the penis often reabsorbs much of the transferred fat anyway. [5]
  • Silicone penis implants can thicken the penis by around 2cm, but provide only negligible increased length. These implants also have high complication rates. [6]

Furthermore, all these procedures must be done by specialised cosmetic surgeons. Prices range from several thousand to tens of thousands of pounds.

Considering the surgical risks, lack of major size improvements, and costs involved, Ododi advises against penis enlargement operations for purely cosmetic reasons.

Pills and Creams Don’t Work – Many Are Dangerous

No dietary supplement, “herbal Viagra” pill, or topical cream has ever been proven to increase penis size. Any online ads you see for these are scams. Some “male enhancement” pills actually contain undisclosed drugs and toxic contaminants:

  • In a study testing multiple products, hidden drug ingredients and pesticide residues were found in over 25% of penis enhancement pills purchased online. [7]
  • The FDA has issued health warnings about dozens of male enhancement supplements found to illegally contain prescription drug ingredients. [8]

Aside from toxicity risks, at best these pills and creams do absolutely nothing. At worst, they may cause severe side effects.

Do not waste money on any pill, cream, or other supplement claiming to enlarge your penis. Evidence shows these simply don’t work, and many can be downright dangerous.

Penis Sleeve

A penis sleeve, also known as a penis extender sleeve or penis extension sleeve, is a device designed to fit over a man’s penis during sexual activity. Made from soft, flexible materials like silicone or TPE, a penis sleeve can provide a longer and wider penis shape while still allowing sensation to be felt by both partners during penetration.

Penis sleeves come in many sizes and styles to accommodate different lengths and girths. Some sleeves are open-ended or have holes at the tip so the head of the penis can stick out during use. Others fully encase the shaft for a realistic covered look. Textured sleeves with bumps, ridges or vortex interiors can provide extra stimulation.

When used properly with lubricant, communication, and consent, penis sleeves can be an exciting bedroom accessory for adventurous couples. A removable extender is one of the few safe, effective options for rapid penis enlargement that provides an authentic erection-like feel during sex.

What DOES Work: Improve Visible Length and Confidence

If concerned about the appearance or size of your penis, there are alternatives to enlargement surgery that can make a real difference:

Lose excess weight – Reducing fat around the abdomen and pubic area will help more of your penis show externally. Even losing a little beer belly fat can unveil more of your actual penis shaft.

Trim pubic hair – Shaving or waxing near the base of your penis will increase visible length.

See a sexual medicine therapist – For some men, anxiety about size or shame from past experiences contributes to appearance worries. Therapy often resolves the true issues impacting confidence and body image.

Practice self-acceptance – Embrace body positivity. Focus less on size measurements and more on your partner’s pleasure and mutual satisfaction.

While some temporary and modest length gains may be possible from penis stretching, the results often aren’t worth the effort. No pill, cream or supplement can enlarge penis size. Surgery should be an absolute last resort considered only after counseling.

Instead, we encourage focusing on visible changes, confidence, and partner satisfaction that don’t require drastic methods or taking health risks. Your own peace of mind and shared enjoyment are what really matter most, not inches.

Erectile Dysfunction

Some me do suffer from Erectile Dysfunction issues (ED).

There are 2 reasons Erectile Dysfunction can happen, the first being a Medical reason, the second being a Psychological reason. For example, if a man can maintain an erection during masturbation or wakes up with a hard-on but can not fully erect during sexual intercourse with their partner, then the chances of the ED issue being Psychological are pretty high.

For medical reasons, the following can cause ED:

Hormonal imbalances (issues)
High blood pressure – Associated with narrowing blood vessels, diabetes or cholesterol
Surgery or injury

For Psychological reasons, the following can be a cause too:

Relationship issues

But in both cases mentioned, we would advise for you to seek professional medical advice from your local GP.


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