Do Penis Extensions Really Work?

Recently I have been able to review a few different types of Penis Extensions, with my lovely assistant, Mr M.

But what are they about? Why do you need or want to wear one?

Well, some men aren’t lucky in the ‘trouser department’, others suffer with Erectile Dysfunction issues (ED) and others, well just like the look of their manhood being bigger. Simples really!

There are 2 reasons why Erectile Dysfunction can happen, the first being a Medical reason, the second being a Psychological reason. For example, if a man can maintain an erection during masturbation or wakes up with a hard-on but can not fully erect during sexual intercourse with their partner, then the chances of the ED issue being Psychological are pretty high.

For medical reasons, the following can cause ED:

Hormonal imbalances (issues)
High blood pressure – Associated with narrowing blood vessels, diabetes or cholesterol
Surgery or injury

For Psychological reasons, the following can be a cause too:

Relationship issues

But in both cases mentioned, I would advise for you to seek professional medical advice from your local GP.

There are some added non-medicated ways of dealing with erectile issues, so don’t worry guys, there is always a way around this!

Male Sexual Enhancement – The Basics

So, here are some good reasons why Penis Extensions can be an excellent sexual aid:

Go Hard or Go Home

Our bodies can be a complex thing at times, especially when it comes to blood rushing into the right places. Some men find it hard, staying hard and with the aid of a Penis Extension or Penis Pump, they can carry on their sexual antics without embarrassment.

They are designed to make the penis stay hard for longer, by creating a vacuum that helps stimulate the genitals in all the right places. Some men claim that wearing a Penis Extension during sexual intercourse, can feel like receiving good head!

Does Size Really Matter?

I know you are asking this question and the reply most men will hear is “it’s what you do with it that counts” but how can you perform, if you aren’t able to stay hard without help?

This is where Penis Extensions become a man’s best friend in the bedroom. Keeping you hard or harder for longer, creating a sense of confidence, whilst giving the illusion that you are hung like a horse. Yes, she will enjoy it too!

No one likes an early bird!

Blink and it’s all over? Well, not if you wear a Penis sheath, now you can delay that inevitable embarrassment of being the first to cum, simply by using a suited Penis Extension. Many men have confirmed that the suction produced by a sheath, as it fits to the penis during erection, allows them to watch their partners enjoy sex and finally allows him to cum with her.

How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Yes, a Penis extension will make a man’s penis extend by millimeters or centimeters, depending on the type of extension he uses.

Here are a few different types of Penis Extensions, that maybe of interest to you:

Vixen Creations Ride-On Penis Extender
FX Real Feel Enhancer
Doc Johnson Xtend It Kit
Liddle Extra
Perfect Fit Fat Boy Sport
Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin
Two Inch Extension Sleeve
Scrotomax Flesh Extender
Three Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve
Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin with Ball Loop
Hot Octopuss Pulse

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