Fleshlight Flight Pilot Review

This is one of the more popular incarnations of the famous Fleshlight and Fleshjack designs. It is a smaller, lighter and more compact contraption for your pleasure and one of the classic sex toys for men

The Flight is essentially the same as its other brothers and sisters, except that this time it is slimmer, shorter and more refined in terms of design. The plastic case comes in two different colors with two different textures. The white comes with the ‘Instructor’ texture, inspired by the Endurance/STU models – and the black one with the ‘Pilot’ texture. The case functions the same, with two removable caps one for each end. The small end is for controlling suction and the large end is for covering/uncovering the opening. The orifice is also different from the classic Fleshlights and Fleshjacks. Instead of the genitalia focus, the Flight comes with a plain vortex shaped orifice which is nice and neutral. The sleeve itself is the same, only shorter, and it comes in the clear colorway. This is an interesting choice seeing as the clear has been used with clear cases to provide some visual of whats happening inside. We do not get the same benefit(?) with this.

The difference in size is quite substantial as you can see from the comparison image below. The measurements are as follows: 8.2″ in total length, 7.5″ without the end cap. The orifice is around 3″ across and the hole is 0.6″. It is 9.9″ in circumference around the widest part, and 7″ around the smallest.


The Flight is nice and lightweight – And the dotted texture combined with the new slim waistline makes it super comfortable to hold, with a good grip. I also think it looks a great deal better than the regular ones, they look humongous compared to this. Unlike the bigger versions the Flight is ready to once you get it. You only have to give it a quick rinse under water. Nothing to it!

At first I was skeptical about the opening in the orifice, it seems rather large. And I know I prefer things to be on the tighter side like the butt orifices. But I am glad to report that this is a great fit! Probably because the lack of room to expand compared to the bigger toys. It is a tight fit, but once it’s lubed up with a quality lubricant (I can recommend Fleshlube) it becomes super slick. And.. You guys, the texture! I didn’t think I’d ever be surprised by this but it is fucking great. It went straight to the top of my favourite list. It is very much stimulating but not too intense, just the way I like it. The obvious thing to compare this with is the Crystal Texture. However I think the Pilot has the edge.

Flight by Fleshlight Sleeve

It starts out with gentle rubbing bumps, which then leads into a spherical chamber with more nubs and then follows up with a tunnel of insane looking spikes that really feels great. Towards the end it slows down with a set of gentle ridges. It is simple, effective and spot on. But because of the length and the use of less material for the sleeve means it is not a toy suitable for going balls deep. Depending on your size.

Its also worth mentioning that this thing has the most suction I have ever felt in a Fleshlight products. It is comparable to the Tenga Flip Lite although it has much more cushioning material overall. It is the first male masturbator I have felt the need to loosen the end cap to get some air back in there. Otherwise I’m not be able to thrust effortlessly into this thing. This means that the number of variations are great, and I get to control what suits me best.

The end cap is slanted so it isn’t possible to leave it standing mid session, but I can’t really see why anyone would want to do so in the midst of their masturbation session. It can stand just fine on the biggest end cap.

Cleaning and maintenance

The Flight is pretty easy to deal with. Because it’s not very long it is a piece of cake to rinse out the fluids from inside the sleeve. The sleeve and case have to be separated before cleaning and soap should be avoided for the sleeve. It is enough with warm water.

Flight by Fleshlight

The clear sleeve is very sticky, even after the first rinse. The Fleshlight FAQ states that it is because of the lack of pigments. This makes me wonder if white would be a better color choice – but at least its easy to see when it’s clean – and a quick powdering with cornstarch solves the problem.


It seems that Fleshlight is finally admitting that not everyone has a ginormous dick in their pants. And at the same time they provide a product that is very refined and a great pleasure to use. Not only that, it is also a lot more affordable than the other Fleshlights. The texture provides a nice balance of intensity and simple pleasure and it is overall super comfortable to use. It won’t do if you have more than 7 inches and like to go deep, but for the majority it wont be a problem.


Flight By Fleshlight Masturbator