Tantus Prostate Play Review

Tantus Prostate Play is a silicone prostate stimulator with a pinpoint tip and a full body so that you know it’s in there. It looks good on paper, but it does not quite make it.


The Prostate Play is the next evolution of Tantus’ old Prostate Health toy. It looks more refined, with smooth curves, a tapered head, ridges for staying in place and that famous Tantus plug base. It is no denying it looks good.

Even though the silicone is firm, the slim parts of the sex toy are a little flexible and the surface is super smooth and velvety just the way I like it. It is virtually seamless too.

It is sized as follows: 5 inches (12.7 cm) in length, 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) is insertable and it has a girth around the main body of 4 inches (10 cm).

Tantus Prostate Play

In use it requires a small amount of water based lubricant. It gets deliciously slick and easy to insert. It feels a bit like the Fun Factory Duke as it has to be angled correctly to slide in place. The main body of the plug is very filling despite its small size. I do feel the tip is slightly on the pointy side as it puts pressure on the prostate. It tends to discreetly twist to one side and stay that way, so for me it does not work exactly like it should. However, once it is held in place it does put a great deal of pressure on the prostate. Sometimes it is just too much for me.

The vibrations are a nice addition, but nothing remarkable. It adds a little extra tingle to the sensation – but it is too gentle and superficial to do any real havoc. Generally, this is what we can expect from small vibrators like these. It does have two speeds and one pulse mode so it is possible to experiment a bit. The bullet itself is chromed plastic with one rubber coated button for control. It requires those pesky N-batteries – Expensive and not readily available. Alternatively, the bullet vibrator can be replaced by any other standard bullet to suit your need.

The perineum tip does nothing for me. It nestles in close to the body, but is nowhere near able to tickle my outsides. Even though it feels pointless, that base is SO comfortable as it aligns perfectly in between the cheeks and it does well to stay out of the way. Even when it tilts to the side.

After use, it is easy to remove and even easier to clean. It can be washed with soap and water. The vibrator is also waterproof so give it a good rinse. Other than that, a sex toy cleaner would do wonders and the silicone plug can be boiled, bleached and put in the dishwasher (top rack) to disinfect it. Silicone is as we know completely body safe, virtually non porous, odor free and long lasting. This particular type of silicone does a good job not retaining any smells either, which is always welcome when it comes to anal toys.


It’s silicone, comes with a free-ish vibrator, it has a gorgeous finish and a easy to use shape. What annoys me is that it twist to the side easily and that the head is a bit too pointy for my taste. Combine that with the pressure it provides, I usually end up feeling poked in my gut. Other reviewers seem to love it a lot, so I guess it is very individual.

The quality and overall friendliness of the toy is unquestionable. Truly great. It will be great for those wanting direct, pinpoint prostate stimulation without too much girth. The size should fit almost everyone.