Bad Dragon Duke’s Butt Review

Bad Dragon was one of the first companies to make a real silicone masturbation sleeve. Not only that, but a dragon themed one. Since then, we have gotten a few more amazing designs and textures to choose from. This is Duke’s Butt.

Bad Dragon Duke’s Butt was provided by Bad Dragon for an honest review. Thank you for making this test possible!

It is a known fact that Bad Dragon makes some awesome high quality stuff, that will satisfy even the most creative fantasies out there. Personally, I love their dragon themed toys, and I could not be happier to be able to test this out.

Duke’s Butt is one of the two dragon-themed male masturbators offered. The other one being Janine; The Dragonesse. Both allow for some customization, so that it will suit your preferences. Although they are not as customizable as the Bad Dragon dildos, you can choose a specific color or marble effect for the toy. Size and firmness are preset, and that is probably just as well. I requested my Duke in metallic gold and shimmery, you know because that’s how baddest of dragon butts tend to be. Even Smaug would be jealous of this one. It turned out pretty well, in a nice warm golden color. A bit more bronzed than I expected, but silicone mixing is an art and not an exact science.

That being said, I must comment briefly on the design. This masturbator shares a few traits with the female version, Janine, but manages to keep its own unique style. The details are nice and subtle around the opening, and I absolutely love the scales running all the way along the handle. Not only nice to look at, but it helps with the grip too.

As for the firmness, it is nice and squishy but quite a bit more compact feeling than your average Fleshlight. This helps keep the entrance nice and tight as well as the texture fairly intense.

First of all, I can’t stress enough how fantastic it is to finally see a true silicone masturbator. Being silicone means it is non-porous, hygienic, body safe as well as boil-able and bleach-able. It does not have any nasty smells, and isn’t sticky at all. Neat!

Secondly, this thing feels amazing. I didn’t know quite what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. One thing to note is that this masturbator requires a bit more lube than ordinary ones, in order to keep things comfortable. In use, this thing is surprisingly tight feeling. The inside texture consists of multiple ridges of raised bumps in an organic fashion. And it feels very much like I’d imagine fucking a dragon would. Tight, rough and highly stimulating.

The sensations are felt throughout the entire sex toy, and not just on the head of the penis but along the shaft as well. It is a great massage, and even though the texture may seem plain compared to, say Tenga Flip Hole White, the differences in material makes Duke’s butt one of the more intense stimulators I own.

It’s also both sturdy and heavy, which I think is nice. It gives a little something to hold on to and it feels substantial. And while it does make some slurping sounds, it can be quieted down by pinching the end. This also creates a vacuum or trap air inside for different sensations all together.

This is what it looks like in sunlight. I think it is pretty bad ass looking! If gold isn’t particularly your thing, it’s just a matter of imagination to build your perfect one.

When it comes to cleaning, Duke’s butt really shines. Unlike standard masturbators, this one can be fully sterilized. Clean it with soap and water, by boiling it or putting it in the dishwasher. You can also use a 10% bleach solution and let it soak.

I find that it’s pretty easy to clean because the internal texture isn’t too crazy. And the hole you penetrate runs through the entire toy. I just flush it with water and stick my fingers in from both ends and give it a little rub. Additionally, it dries quickly if standing on its head.. I mean butt! You should always let it dry before storing it.

Bad Dragon Duke’s Butt Overall

I am truly impressed by Bad Dragons own Duke’s Butt. It is a masterpiece of a penetrable, and it truly stands out in the crowd of masturbators. It offers the best quality available. It is a tight, rough and very much stimulating, durable piece of silicone. I would not change a thing, but the addition of a stopper plug for the end could prove useful.