G-Pop from SteelVinyards Review

The artisans at SteelVineyards create remarkable products from stainless steel, leather, acrylic and natural semi-precious gemstones. From cockrings to CBT devices to restraints to some of the most interesting insertables on the market, you must check out SteelVineyards’ amazing selection of unique toys.

My fancy was instantly captivated by the company’s G-Pops Dildo. I’d never seen anything like them before. When mine arrived at its new home I was even more amazed. A long steel handle lightly cushioned on one end leads to the star of the show: A heavy stone ball on the other end in your choice of highly-polished natural gemstones such as quartz, tiger’s eye and onyx. Mine is shiny green jade and very pretty.

It’s pretty but quite seriously heavy. As my partner balanced the G-Pop in his hand, he worried about hurting me with it. “Are you sure about this, baby?” he asked. Absolutely I told him, and with only a little lube and some preliminary oral, we made ready to insert it vaginally.


I was pretty blissed out, but not so much that I was unaware of a sharp crack as my partner brought the toy toward my body. “Are you ok?” I asked, worried that he’d chipped a tooth and would soon be going to the dentist instead of making me come. He assured me that all was well; he’d carelessly caught his chin in the hurry to get the toy inside of me. Let this serve as a warning. Use care with the G-Pop around chins. Also, toes.

Extreme sensation of fullness

2 3/8″ inches in diameter may not seem like a very large sex toy, but trust me when I say that it is. Two-plus inches would be large in a soft silicone dildo. Two-plus inches in something made of an absolutely unyielding material? It’s HUGE. But my partner used extreme care, and once the G-Pop wiggled past my pubic bone it felt amazing. There was an extreme sensation of fullness which never turned into discomfort. The nice thing was that it didn’t interfere with oral in any way. I loved the contrast between his gentle lips and the hard pressure of the G-Pop.

Removal needs to be done very slowly; do not yank this toy out if you value the continued integrity of your pubic bone. But once out, the G-Pop requires little in the way of care beyond a quick soap and water bath, then storage somewhere that won’t allow it to roll away. We’re protecting our toes, remember? I’m assuming none of us wears steel-toed boots while gettin’ busy, although if that’s your thing, rock on dude.

The fine folks who create the SteelVineyards designs tell me that they wanted to create a toy with a handle long enough that folks could use it during solo play if desired. This they certainly achieved; the extended handle allows one to reach the vagina or ass with no excessive gymnastics. Furthermore, they encourage couples to experiment with penetation along with the toy. They say the G-Pop’s thin handle allows the penis plenty of room to coexist peacefully during sex, and that the ball guides it almost magically toward the g-spot. I was a bit nervous about trying out this aspect of the toy. A single very large stony-hard object in my vagina at a time was quite enough, thank you very much. I didn’t need another.

After experimenting with the G-Pop several times, I’m really pleased with the sensations it offers. Try it out if you’re fond of hard materials and intense stimulations. Just be careful that it doesn’t break any bones.

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