The Ododi Guide to Floggers

Do you use a flogger during your ‘play time’ and wanting to add to your collection? Or are you new to the BDSM bondage scene and not sure where to start, with buying a flogger? I think I may have just the answer for both but don’t worry, I’m not trying to flog you anything (get it? OK OK, bad joke!)

You’d think the market for Floggers would be tiny! After all, how many different ways can you design (what is essentially) a stick with strands of leather hanging from it? You’d be surprised at the options that are available within today’s market. I know that when I started looking into flogging, I was immensely overwhelmed by the options that were available to me and I had to scan the web for reviews and as much information, as I could.

Floggers consist of a hilt (or known simply as the handle), which leads up to and supports the straps of material that are used for flogging. These straps are better known as the ‘falls’. Commonly, the falls have a hard leather on 1 side and a softer leather on the inside, this enables the receiver to experience a multitude of sensations.

At the end of the hilt, a flogger has a bulbous shaped ending and this is called the Pommel.

The flogger falls can be made from a few different combinations of material but mainly, you will find that floggers are made from leather. Here are the varied options:

Oiled Leather – this is leather that is treated during it’s tanning process. It allows the leather to flex repeatedly and not break. When leather fibers are dry and untreated, it can lead to cracks and easy breakages.
Suede – this is soft and rather flexible, which delivers more of a ‘thud’ sensation, than a ‘sting’.
Combination – this is simply the falls being one side oiled leather and the other side, suede.
Non-Leather – you can purchase floggers that have falls made from synthetics,rubber and plastic.

The difference between versions of leather, is the experience of the flogging you receive. Soft leather will leave a thud-like feeling. It’s a feeling that doesn’t linger and is gone by the time the next flog, comes along. Oiled leather is a little more harsher in the experience, it will leave a stinging sensation.

The falls, also have effects when they are made wider or narrower. The thinner the fall is, the more impact it will leave, wider falls are more gentle on the skin. But if you are looking for a high impact flogger, I would pick one that has fewer falls to it. Think about it, the more tails, the less impact it has, as it’s spread out. Scientifically, you’ think along the lines of spreading the weight, more equals lesser impact.

If you are new to flogging, I would suggest purchasing a normal flogger and to avoid floggers that have chains or Cat O Nine tails, until you are use to flogging and more confident.

When using a flogger, please be careful with where your impact lands. You need to steer away from hitting the kidney area or the spine, as this could possibly cause problems and we don’t want that! Also, avoid flogging the face , neck and tailbone. You can take precautions with this and leave a layer over the lower back area. Even if it’s lifting up her skirt or placing a hand towel over. Any of course, make sure your ‘safe words’ are in place!

Below are some suggestions of floggers, that I would recommend.

Rouge Garments Marble Dildo Handle flogger – This is a combination flogger, which can be used as a dildo. The falls are wider and therefore the impact wouldn’t be as harsh. But be careful because the dildo (hilt) wasn’t designed particularly for flogging and could cause muscle strain. However, I did want to share this, as it’s so pretty!

Icicles No. 38 Glass Handle Flogger
Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Satin Flogger
Rouge Garments Suede Flogger
LELO Sensua Suede Whip
Uberkinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger
Sex & Mischief Red Rope Flogger
Uberkinky Leather & Faux Fur Flogger
Mister B Iron Whips Cat O Nine Tails
Leather Whip 31.5 inches
Suede Whip 19 inches


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