Sex Toy Materials (Part 1)

It’s important to think about what the sex toy is made of to avoid allergic responses, phthalates, and finding something that feels amazing for you. Here’s a look at the different types of materials used to produce sex toys.

On our further information product page, you can usually find out what the product is composed of; some of these are referred to as the supplier’s material, such as UR3 or Cyberskin. These materials are highly guarded trade secrets, but they’ve been designed to feel as real as possible.

Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys and glass dildos have been increasingly popular due to their attractive appearance and versatility; they can be heated or chilled and have a strong and stiff sensation akin to metal. They’re extremely tough, shatterproof, and simple to clean.
They work with both water and silicone lubricants.

Jelly Rubber Sex Toys

It’s one of the most affordable materials, and it’s simple to colour and shape. Due to the addition of some chemicals that may or may not be phthalate-free, it has lost favour. Always read the product label because not all jelly rubber toys are free of phthalates, and some may also contain latex.
Skin-safe rubber is gradually replacing jelly rubber; always use with a condom and never store them together because the ingredients react and can melt! They work with silicone as well as water-based lubricants.

Latex Sex Toys

Latex is commonly utilised in inflatable sex toys and sex dolls due to its flexibility. If you polish your latex apparel with silicone lubricant, it will have a glossy, highly shiny finish. Before drying completely, all latex goods must be cleaned with an antibacterial toy cleanser.
Then, to keep it supple, soft, and flexible, use a renewer powder. They work with both water and silicone lubricants.

Metal Sex Toys

Metal is a fantastic material because it is waterproof, non-porous, skin-safe, very sturdy, and compatible with any lubricant.
The only drawback is that they’re quite heavy and may be a little stiff for some, while others enjoy the way the weight and strong pressure affects their most sensual areas. Free of phthalates and latex.