Spanking For Beginners

Spanking For Beginners

Spanking is becoming increasingly popular as part of foreplay and no longer a taboo subject to discuss or experiment with. There are many different types of bondage gear such as whips, canes and other spanking implements to choose from but in order to satisfy all of your needs you may need to invest in a couple of different types.

Maybe one day you fancy using a paddle and the next a whip. Some men and women enjoy the pain and pleasure felt from spanking toys while the fabulous whooshing sounds will leave them feeling incredibly aroused before it hits their flesh. Sometimes the kinkiest types of sex toys are the best!

Bondage Gear for Spanking

This is our guide to the different implements you could use.

Flogger whip

Generally made from leather or high quality suede they are perfect for light sensation play. Floggers are great to deliver a nice hard smack on the buttocks, thighs or stomach.

Paddle whip

Memories of repressive school days and childhood spankings will come flooding back if you use a paddle whip. Regularly made from high quality leather they are great for fantasy role-playing or age play.

Bull whips

Could you be the next Indiana Jones? Your partner will be at your mercy the minute you crack that whip! You could use it as a spanking tool instead of a bull whip by coiling it.

Spanking cane

A very versatile tool used for school day fantasies or master/slave bondage. Spanking canes do make a fabulous sound as they swish through the air before striking your partners flesh and the sound alone can be an incredible turn on.

Spanking/riding crop

Another spanking implement that can be used in a variety of ways, they are often used in master/slave play or fantasy bondage horseplay and used in conjunction with a bit gag or bondage collar.

Rattan cane

Perfect for use in a teacher/student or age play fantasy the arousing sting when you are smacked with a rattan cane can help elicit fabulous orgasms. Rattan canes are one of the most popular spanking tools.

Feather tickler

Rather than inflicting stimulating pain some people are more aroused when you use something that teases and tickles. Your partners’ nerve endings will come alive as you run it over their thighs, belly and pussy.