A Guide to Buying Sexy Lingerie

Listen, fellas – when it comes to buying your better half sexy underwear, please, don’t just go for something fishnet, red and with as much cut out of it as possible. That’s not how it goes – and your lady won’t thank you for buying something that neither suits nor fits them; if you get it wrong, the chances of seeing them in the outfits you’ve chosen are slim to none!

Now, it’s not too difficult to make your choice a well-informed one, all it takes is the ability to follow a few simple principles and you’re good to go; just make sure you know your partner’s body before you buy sexy lingerie, and you’re onto a winner…


Getting the right size is crucial; it is the most important part of lingerie shopping and if you mess the size up, there’s no going back! How will you know what to buy? Simple – get rooting and look around in her underwear drawer! Here are the important sizes that you need to look for:

Bra Size

Comes in the form of a number and a letter – for example 36B, 34DD – the number is the size of her back, the letter her boob cup size. If you want her boobs to look their best, make sure that you get this right!

Clothes Size

OK, step away from the knicker drawer – you won’t find her clothes size in here! Some women wear a different clothes size to their knicker size, so go through a few garments and see which number crops up the most. She may wear different sizes on the top from the bottom, which is really common, so take note!

Knicker Size

Possibly the same as her bottom size, but she might go for a different size in her underwear so look at a few pairs and take note of the number that pops up the most.

Colours and Fabric

A big factor in your girls lingerie is the colour and fabric – if she’s a little more demure, then fishnet is possibly a big no no; if she has a paler complexion, don’t get her pale colours or you’ll make her look washed out.

If you struggle, just think about the colours that she wears most often on a day to day basis and look for the lingerie equivalent. If you’re not sure of fabrics, see what makes an appearance most in her lingerie drawer and try and find something similar – the fabric plays a big part in the comfort of your lady, so make sure that you choose one that she feels nice in.


Babydoll or chemise? French or thong? There are so many choices when it comes to styles of underwear, and the chances are that your partner will know what they like. If you want to ease them out of their comfort zone, go for it, but know where you want to go and only buy what you think she will feel comfortable in. Don’t forget – this may be for your eyes, but sexy lingerie is the ultimate confidence booster for a woman as long as it looks good, so choose a style she will suit, and not one that you just like.

Babydolls and Chemise

Cutesy and sexy without being too in your face, the babydoll and chemise will offer floaty look that will tease you and make her feel amazing.


Exactly what they sound like – full length bodies that show off the female form to perfection.

Branching out

When it comes to choosing, the sticking point for many men is whether to choose a sure-fire winner that they know their better half will like, or should they go for something a bit different that takes them out of their comfort zone?

It’s a tricky one – we always say go one step at a time and take a look at what she already has, and choose in keeping with her current collection, with a little added extra to keep it new and exciting.


Men’s Guide to Buying Lingerie