ToyJoy Thai Toy Beads Review

Venturing into the anal toy range, I decided to purchase a set of Thai Toy Beads, for a bargain I purchased beads from the Toy Joy range for £5.99 , can’t argue with a price like that.

The beads were presented in a plastic see-through container, with a simple green and light blue design, with the product on full view. The packaging is simple, I was slightly let down by there not being anything about the product’s material stated (even upon opening, there is nothing written about this product, not instructions or warranty) i.e. is it body safe? Silicone or pvc? Dishwasher safe? It simple says ‘Ancient Thai pleasure beads for extremely effective anal orgasm stimulation’.

Removing the beads from the casing, they feel firm, smooth and made from PVC but unfortunately they have an off putting rubber smell. There is a loop on the end, which makes it easier to pull the beads out of the anal area.

Using them is pretty easy, insert as far as you like and pull out just as you orgasm, it’s an amazing feeling and worth a try. I am pretty sure you could use this toy, vaginally too, if you wanted.

Cleaning is simple but again, this product leaves an unpleasant after smell.

Some people may find the small mould seam, along one side of this product, off putting. I didn’t feel it upon insertion but it is noticable, when you run your finger along it.

I would have liked to have seen more detail about the product on the packaging, I’d also feel this product would benefit more if it was made from a firm silicone, other than that, it does what it says on the package.

Personally, I would save a few extra pennies and purchase a set of anal beads that were non-pvc.