Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle Review

The Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle is made from synthetic material, to bring a realistic leather look to this BDSM product.

It has 4 studs in an arch on both sides of the paddle, just above the stem handle.


The handle is reinforced, which makes this paddle feel stronger and helps you maintain a good grip. There is a material loop on the end of the handle, so that you can hang the paddle up from a hook or even over your bed post.


Full length: 13″
Handle length: 7″
Handle width: 1.4″
Paddle length: 6″
Paddle width: 5.5″

I’ve been looking for a paddle that left an imprint on the memory and I think I have found it, in the Fetish Fantasy Paddle. It has a simple and non-threatening look about it, nothing that would stand out in the ‘looks’ department but boy, can this paddle pack a punch!

On bare skin, the paddle leaves a nice rouge imprint, marking it’s territory and meaning business! From the first spank, it stung, even with a medium strength spank, this paddle means business. Even the sound of the paddle slapping bare skin, leaves me quivering. For those who like a hard core-can’t walk for days- spanking, this is the paddle for you!

It’s light weight, looks flimsy but packs a whooping punch.

The Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle RRP’s over on Ododi for £16.99 GBP and I have to say that this is a fair price for what you get. It doesn’t come in a fancy packaging, just a simple clear plastic bag but that doesn’t bother me, in the slightest.

I would have preferred the Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle to be of stronger stature but there isn’t much else I would change in it. I do have a feeling that if this paddle was constantly used, it may not have a long life expectancy but only time will tell!