Fleshjack Boys Jake Bass’ Butt Review

The Jake Bass comes from the Fleshjack Boys range and features a moulded version of the porn star’s butthole and a unique inner texture.

This Fleshjack is part of the Fleshjack Boys Sex Toy lineup, and Jake Bass is one of the newer models. Here we have his butthole with the dream texture. The orifice is moulded directly after the actors behind it and even includes his signature. Other than that it is very much like the other Fleshjacks out there. It consists of a hard plastic outer case with a screw cap on both ends. On the inside, you find the removable sleeve which is made out of the deliciously squishy Superskin material.

Measurements are as follows: Length of the case including end cap is 10 inches (25.4 cm), circumference of the biggest part is 12 inches (30.48 cm) and the smallest part is 7.5 inches (19.05 cm)

Jake Bass’ Fleshjacks come with the dream texture or the regular anal texture. I’d recommend you go with the exclusive texture – as there is one for unique each of the boys.

First of all the sleeve is just as fabulous as any Fleshjack, it is soft, squishy and comfortable. It does not smell much and the surface is not particularly sticky. The Fleshjack can be used with water based lubricant and I prefer to just pour a bit in the opening and insert. Check out the Fleshlube which is perfect for this.

Fleshjack Boys Jacke Bass’ Butt

The opening is tight and nice just as I like it. It’s equally tight as the other butt orifices and those seem to be what I prefer myself. The detailing around the opening is just incredible and lifelike. The orifice also has a great amount of extra padding – Jake’s cheeks are to thank for this effect. Neat.

Stroking with Jake Bass’ butt is bliss. The dream texture is fantastic and really comes to its own right if the end cap is unscrewed a bit so that the air can flow freely. The texture is a tight canal with alternating bumps and ridges all the way through. It is highly stimulating but not as intense as the Icejack’s crystal texture. Personally, I think it feels better than the Endurance Jack which I find a bit bland in comparison.

This texture provides intense and long-lasting orgasms I absolutely love. To be honest it gets harder and harder to pick a favourite between the different textures because Flesjack never let me down. But this is absolutely among my top favourites.

The size is as always one for all, and it has more than enough room to dive in completely and while doing so the orifice offers comfortable padding between the device and the body. Just for when things get a little too rough.

I do like that the skin colored sleeve is less sticky than the clear ones, and it seems to stay soft to touch way longer than the blue Alien sleeve for example. After some time it will get stickier where it’s been exposed to most friction.

This time I got the sleeve and the case separate. No worries, the sleeve is sealed in a thick plastic clamshell that is secured by heavy-duty staples. As always though, there is a travel anchor on the inside of the sleeve which has to be removed prior to use. It is just to keep things in place during shipping.

Fleshjack Sleeve Box
Cleaning & care

As with any other Fleshjack, soap is a no go. It has to be cleaned with water or a mild toy cleaner like Fleshwash. I suggest using mildly warm water as too high temperatures can in my experience damage the surface a bit and make it rough. Just give it a rinse and finger it for a bit until all the fluids are gone. Squeeze excess water out gently and hang it on a towel rack or something to dry. It can be powdered again with Renewal Powder or cornstarch. I do not find the need even after a few months of using it. Store it in the case with the end cap slightly open to allow air to flow freely.

I have yet to be disappointed by a Fleshjack. They make some great orgasm inducing products. However some styles suit me better than others, and this one hits the mark. It is actually dead simple and does what it should – it feels amazing and it is one of the easier to clean textures. And how hot is it to penetrate sweet Jake Bass’ hole? Pretty damn hot, if I must say so myself.