Njoy Pure Plug Medium Review

Don’t be fooled by the simple and neutral appearance of this plug. Njoy Pure Plug is a perfect example of an anal plug and surely a partner for life.

The Pure Plugs are a line of products from the stainless steel wizards of Njoy. Surgical stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish. They are both heavy, extremely rigid and super smooth. They’re available in three sizes; small, medium and large. The small one is tiny and a bit too expensive for what I see as a beginner’s toy. Something I’d guess users gravitate away from after a while. This is where Pure Plug Medium comes into the picture. Combining a practical and easy-to-handle-size, and a solid weight makes it really stand out. It measures around 3.5 inches (9cm) in length with the circumference being 4 inches (10cm). The neck is only 1.5 inches (3cm) in circumference, which is small enough to go almost un-noticed by the sphincter muscles. The finger loop measures 2 inches (5cm) across. The total weight is 206 grams.

Njoy Pure Plug

The mirror smooth surface makes it incredibly easy to insert, and the slim neck locks it into place – regardless of how fierce your dancing is. After the initial stretching sensation from the bulbous head, it pulls itself in allowing the muscles to relax comfortably. From room temperature, the butt plug is deliciously cool. It warms to what feels like warmer than body temperature within 10 minutes of use.

The attention to detail is very apparent, all the way from the seamless mirror finish to the handle that nestles nicely in between the butt cheeks. This plug is so comfortable to wear and it never feels like it’s in the way. Very practical for sitting and for other activities. Even though the size isn’t all that much – this is a plug making its presence known. The weight is to thank for that. I think both the size and the weight is just right, making it perfect for most people. It feels nicely filling and but without stretching. It doesn’t leave me sore after prolonged usage either. I appreciate that! I’m very curious to see how much of a difference the larger plugs makes in terms of stimulation.

I’d say that Njoy Pure Plug Medium is one of the best small anal plugs I’ve used. It’s the perfectly tapered shape coupled with the delicious presence superior weight and absolute rigidity that makes this a winner. But it doesn’t stop there; Metal doesn’t hold on to smells, which is great, and it is completely non porous. Making it body safe and safe to share (after cleaning that is). The steel plug can also be heated or cooled in water for a unique experience, far away from the regular silicone toys. Oh, and it’s compatible with any lubricant! I usually go with a thick water based one or a slick silicone based lube, but it’s great to mix it up.

Maintaining the Pure Plug is as simple as cleaning it with soap and water, and a spritz of toy cleaner. The packaging acts as a discrete storage box with nothing but a silver Njoy-logo on the top.
Njoy Pure Plug Medium overall

This is without doubt one of my favorite plugs. It is super simple to use, works with every lubricant and is small enough to not require any warmup beforehand. These are important factors that determines the frequency of use for a toy. The quality is impeccable and I honestly don’t have one negative word to hurl at it. Steel is a great material, although I’m not too happy that it’ll last longer than me. Death dramatics aside, this is a simple plug I can wholeheartedly recommend. I’d skip the small version unless you’re a complete beginner. I’d guess it would feel too small very quickly – but the medium has a bit more substance to it although still being gentle. The price is almost the same for small and medium too – I’d splurge.

A perfect little plug that is gentle, yet very rigid and heavy. It makes its presence know but keeping things on the comfortable side.