Rocks Off Silk lubricant review

Rocks off have come up triumphs with their recent release of a water-based lubricant.

The LUV silk intimate lubricant arrived undamaged, wrapped in bubble wrapping. Upon opening the packaging, I was greeted with a see-through plastic heart shaped bottle. Personally, I found the product bottle ‘cute’ and attractive, yet simple and attractive. The front of the bottle gives you the simple product details of being ‘a water based & non-staining lubricant in a 100ml bottle’.

There are only 3 ingredients, these being Purified water, Propanediol and Natural Carrageenan.

Being a Natural Carrageenan product means that it is silicone, paraben, and glycerin free, which is perfect for being skin safe. As a life-long eczema sufferer, this gel is well suited, to someone like myself.

1 squirt of the lubricant is enough to cover the length of a forearm. It is non-sticky, non-scented but has a slight sweet unidentifiable taste to it. I am not sure what the lube tastes of but I do not find it off putting or strong, it is bearable and to be honest, if you’re ‘busy’, I highly doubt you would notice the taste.

I would agree with the ‘silk’ element to this lubricant’s name, it does actually feel ‘silky smooth’. To test it, I covered both lower arms and hands in the product and left it on for an hour. Not once did the gel feel sticky but it does act like a moisturizer and did leave my skin feeling smoother. So, if you were caught up in a moment and decided to use this lubricant, if it was to hand, there is no worry of a mess being made.

The bottle isn’t tiny but it will fit in your handbag. Something I would class as an added bonus, is that the lubricant comes out of the bottle, naturally chilled, which makes the massaging experience, more enjoyable than it already is!

The average RRP for the Silk intimate lubricant, seems to be £9.50 – £11.50 GBP. I, for one, do not think this is a high asking price, considering that one squirt will do the trick and at 100ml’s, would last a fair old while.

I would recommend this Rocks-Off product, I really don’t have a bad word to say about it. In fact, I would place this lube in my top 3 lubricants to use!